Prime IVF is raising awareness of IVF through its major Fertility Campaign

Prime IVF is raising awareness of IVF through its major Fertility Campaign

Prime IVF is raising awareness of IVF through its major Fertility Campaign

Prime IVF is a comprehensive healthcare provider that adheres to high-quality standards and operates explicitly in the subset of the fertility space within the healthcare industry. As a result, the fertility chain plans to provide quality In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) services at affordable prices regardless of social, demographic, or logistical barriers.

Infertility treatment has been gaining traction late, breaking the taboo around it. But unfortunately, it is majorly confined to metros or a few tiers II cities. With the purported purpose of creating awareness of the plethora of infertility treatments than can be availed by struggling infertile couples, Prime IVF has yet again organised awareness cum consultation camps across northern India.

With the massive success, Prime IVF garnered, it launched a campaign for the month of October as an initiation to promote the rate of acceptance and indulgence with IVF treatments powered by advanced technology with the highest level of expertise offered. These camps have been strategically planned to take place at various healthcare centres throughout October. ‘October being the month of festivities with numerous holidays, is anticipated to attract huge crowds to the camps, who may not be comfortable visiting during working days, says the spokesperson of Prime IVF.

A total of 6 camps were organised dated 1st, 6th, 9th, and 16th of October, and the last of them is schulded for the 30th of October at Dada Dev Mandir, Palam Village, Delhi. On the 1st of this month, the camp was set up at Life Care Hospital, Rohtak, Haryana; on 6th it was scheduled for Panwar Hospital, Bhiwani; 15th of October, the centre was set up at Dr Narayan Dutt Hospital, Panipat. In addition, two camps were organised simultaneously at two locations on the 16th of October. First at Dr Surekha Yadav Hospital in Rewari and the other at Gobind Hospital in Badshahpur, Gurgaon.

“Infertility treatment, aspiring IVF couples need to understand the treatment options and milestones and compare their status against an expected journey. The overwhelming response from our previous campaigns propelled us to continue our efforts driven towards creating awareness among needy couples and serving them with the best of our services and facilities.

Our motive for these campaigns is to educate people and help them fulfil their dreams of a child. To make the treatment pocket friendly and within reach of the commoners, we provide them with a hefty rebate, only to ensure that no couple is debarred from having a threesome family just coz of financial issues”, shared Dr Nishi Singh, Head of fertility(IVF Expert).

Prime IVF is compassionate towards the specific per cent of society’s couples desiderated to enjoy the bliss of parenthood. The clinic encompasses evidence-based treatments with the latest advances in medical technology to make IVF treatment accessible, affordable, and informative, with quality healthcare services for couples wanting to be parents.

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