RGCIRC Advances Breast Cancer Care at Breast Cancer Update Conference 2024

RGCIRC Advances Breast Cancer Care at Breast Cancer Update Conference 2024

New Delhi, June 17, 2024 – Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCIRC) successfully hosted the “Breast Cancer Update Conference 2024” held on June 15th and 16th. The conference brought together leading experts, researchers, healthcare professionals and faculty from India and abroad to explore the most recent breakthroughs in breast cancer research. The two-day event highlighted critical findings from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), and San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS).

The conference held under the patronship of the chairman Mr Rakesh Chopra featured expert-led sessions on emerging therapies, precision medicine, and patient-centered care, along with panel discussions and interactive workshops designed to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration. Topics included early-stage breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer, triple-negative breast cancer, and advanced treatment options such as immunotherapy and precision medicine.

Renowned oncologists presented significant findings from recent studies and latest trials on targeted therapies, immunotherapy like Pembrolizumab, cyclin inhibitor tablets and many new drugs and surgical procedures along with radiation techniques and investigations which have made revolutionary changes in the outcome of breast cancer management. These presentations provided valuable insights into innovative treatments and patient care strategies.

Dr. D C Doval, Chair Medical Oncology & Chief of Breast & Thoracic Services, RGCIRC and Organizing Chairman, emphasized the importance of such platforms for sharing knowledge and driving advancements in breast cancer treatment: “The Breast Cancer Update Conference 2024 provided an invaluable opportunity for professionals to learn from each other and stay abreast of the latest research and clinical practices worldwide. Our goal is to advance our collective efforts in breast cancer care and improve patient outcomes. Together, we can make sim,gnificant strides in the fight against breast cancer.”

Dr. Pankaj Goyal, Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology, RGCIRC, highlighted the success of the event saying: “Our goal is to ensure that the latest advancements in breast cancer research are rapidly translated into clinical practice. This conference has been instrumental in bridging the gap between research and patient care, and we are committed to continuing this momentum.”

Interactive panel discussions allowed for robust exchanges of ideas and experiences among top oncologists, researchers, and clinicians. Panels covered critical subjects such as high-risk breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer, and the evolving role of immunotherapy in treatment protocols.

Dr. (Prof) Sudhir Kumar Rawal, Medical Director highlighted that the conference has been instrumental in bridging the gap between research and patient care while Dr. Vineet Talwar, Director, Medical Oncology, RGCIRC expressed optimism about the impact of the conference. Dr. A.K. Dewan, Director Surgical Oncology, RGCIRC emphasized that the Breast Cancer Update Conference 2024 represents the ongoing commitment of RGCIRC to addressing the complexities of breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Update Conference 2024 has set a new benchmark for collaborative efforts in breast cancer research and treatment, underscoring the importance of shared knowledge and innovation in advancing patient care.

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