The Ayurvedic Remedies For Diabetes

The Ayurvedic Remedies For Diabetes

The Ayurvedic Remedies For Diabetes

Diabetes has become a common lifestyle disease among people today, indicating high blood sugar levels and affecting the body’s insulin. It may be caused due to lifestyles and can happen to targets from any age group. Diabetes can be classified under various categories as per the blood sugar levels and intensity of the illness. It can vary from person to person and can be as simple as being treated by diet changes and as severe as relying on insulin every day. It is essential to control the spread of the disease at an early stage to prevent repercussions in the future. It can be a life-threatening disease if not taken care of at an early stage.


• Excessive Thirst- drinking water keeps the body hydrated, but if you feel thirsty after short intervals without any physical activity, you must consult a doctor as it might be an indication of diabetes.
• Fatigue- feeling tired after a long day or continuous work is justified, but if you feel so after a short walk or very less activity, you may be suffering from this illness.
• Polyurea– frequent urination is the most common and clear symptom of diabetes that needs immediate medical attention.
• Weight Loss- if you’re losing weight without any illness or dietary changes, apart from weak immunity, diabetes can be another illness that might have caught you.
• Increased Hunger– feeling hungry every now and then might be an indication of diabetes. Though one must have food at regular intervals but treating it at an early stage might save you the loss.


Instead of directly hooping on medicines and severe medical treatments, diabetes must be treated with simple measures that can have a better and long-lasting effect. Follow these steps to cure the disease:

• Replacing sugar– white sugar can cause diabetes and increase its effect on the body. It is better to replace it with natural sugar or sources of sugar obtained from fruits, along with jaggery and honey.
• Regular exercise– regular exercise, yoga and workout can help you curb the effects of diabetes and keep your sugar levels controlled. Exercising for 40-60 minutes daily can be highly beneficial for pre-diabetic patients.
• Timely dinners– if you wish to avoid problems with diabetes, you must have your meals timely,i.e., at regular intervals of 3 hours. Dinner must be taken at least 3 hours before going to bed.
• Adequate sleep- having an ample sleep can save you from worsening the disease. Sleeping helps your body’s immunity strengthen and recover and regenerate from diseases, cuts and wounds. This also reduces chronic inflammation.
• Using herbs- home remedies are magic to deal with any disease. Numerous herbs can save you in your pocket and have a better impact. Amla, Turmeric, Neem, Ashwagandha, Triphala and Madhunashini are just a few of the herbs that can drastically help you treat diabetes.

Diab Care is an effective ayurvedic treatment by Vedascure that has been recognised as one of the most promising remedies for diabetes. Made of herbal components such as gudmar, posta dana, chirayata, indra jau, neem, bel patra, giloy, ashwagandha, jamun beej, etc., it is one of the most well-developed compositions that does not have any side effect on the body. Despite diabetes being a lasting and grave disease, it can be managed conveniently by following simple measures. Instead of relying upon allopathic medicines and stressing your body with regular visits to the doctor, home remedies, minor improvements in lifestyle, and herbs can give better results. It is undoubtedly a better option to treat yourself rather than giving away your body to heavy medicines that might often have side effects on your body.

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