The doctor’s diagnosis of cancer felt surreal, couldn’t fathom how an athlete like me could be afflicted, says Yuvraj Singh

The doctor’s diagnosis of cancer felt surreal, couldn’t fathom how an athlete like me could be afflicted, says Yuvraj Singh

“The doctor’s diagnosis of cancer felt surreal, couldn’t fathom how an athlete like me could be afflicted,” says Yuvraj Singh on his Cancer diagnosis at News18’s ‘Sanjeevani’ initiative

“Life strikes in a way which you are not expecting, and you realise that you’re just a ‘human being’”

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New Delhi | September 29, 2023: Indian cricket icon Yuvraj Singh, known for his remarkable on-field achievements, shared his journey of battling and overcoming cancer at the launch of “Sanjeevani: United Against Cancer,” a joint initiative by the Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation and News18 Network, with Tata Trusts as a knowledge partner. In a conversation with News18, Yuvraj opened up about the challenges he faced and the resilience that defined his path to recovery.

“I was 29 years old, at the peak of my career,” Yuvraj recounted. “I was an athlete, training rigorously for five to six hours a day, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The doctor’s diagnosis of cancer felt surreal, as I couldn’t fathom how an athlete like me could be afflicted by such a condition,” he added.

“I think the fear of cancer is more than actually going through the treatment because it’s a fight for life,” he remarked. The cricketer-turned-cancer-survivor spoke passionately about his determination to continue playing despite the diagnosis, which he considered his greatest fear. He recalled the pivotal moment when his doctor presented him with a choice—either continue playing cricket and risk his health or embark on the journey of treatment.

Yuvraj Singh’s inspiring journey, from being named the “Man of the Series” during the 2011 World Cup to confronting a life-altering cancer diagnosis, left a profound impact on the audience. During News18’s Sanjeevani event, he reflected on the initial shock and disbelief upon learning of his diagnosis. He emphasized the inner struggle and fear that accompanies a cancer diagnosis. He discussed the importance of family support and how it felt like a second birth for his mother, who stood by him through this challenging journey.”

Yuvraj’s courage in sharing his personal journey was evident when he mentioned his foundation, “YouWeCan.” He emphasized the foundation’s mission to inspire and support cancer patients, underscoring the collective strength of individuals coming together to combat the disease.

Reflecting on the larger impact of cancer on society, Yuvraj highlighted the significance of awareness and support networks. He encouraged people to come together in the fight against cancer, emphasizing that together, they can overcome the challenges posed by this formidable disease.

Sanjeevani aims to raise awareness, encourage conversations around the silent cancer epidemic, and alleviate fears often accompanying this disease. The collaborative effort seeks to foster positive sentiments towards early and consistent health tests, effective tumor management, and symptom recognition, all crucial aspects in the battle against cancer. News18 Network has been a front-runner in impactful initiatives aimed at improving people’s lives and contributing to the progress of the nation. In partnership with like-minded brands, the network plays a pivotal role in shaping narratives and fostering discussions that drive cultural advancement.

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