47 years old woman with congenital dysplastic hip with arthritis gets back her normal life

47 years old woman with congenital dysplastic hip with arthritis gets back her normal life

Mumbai- 47 years old female Indira Bakoliya from Thane who was unable to enjoy a normal life due to her congenital dysplastic hip with arthritis is able to stand and walk by her own after successful hip replacement surgery performed by Dr. Saikat Jena, Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, practising in Wockhardt Hospital & Director of AcktivOrtho clinic, Thane. This surgery was conducted in Parakh Hospital & Research Centre in Ghatkopar and turned out to be a success in the field of replacement surgery where such complex cases of arthritis requiring operation is still considered a huge challenge for orthopaedic surgeons. With this successful surgery, the patient is now enjoying her independent life. After consultation and medical help from different hospitals finally she met Dr. Saikat Jena who observed hip deformity, loss of motion in the affected hip and muscle atrophy in the lower extremities. Dr Jena suggested X-ray of the affected hip area. X-ray reports confirmed that the patient had a dysplastic acetabulum with shallow hip socket ,malalignment of the femoral head, with advanced arthritic changes. This health condition is also known as developmental dysplasia which was present since birth. But as the patient’s age progressed the joint became arthritic with unbearable pain in the hip joint.

Dr. Saikat Jena from ACktivOrtho Clinic

Commenting on this Dr. Saikat Jena, Orthopaedic surgeon & Director of AcktivOrtho Clinic says,“This woman patient had major hip pain and limited mobility for a long time. As years passed patient leg length shortened up to 5 cm. These symptoms progressively increased to such an extent that the patient was unable to walk for the past one year, and was later diagnosed with arthritis on right hip. Her life was severely impacted due to the inability to walk leading to dependence on others for daily activities, psychological stress. Women lost interest in her social life as she totally relied on people around her to meet her daily needs. She faced mental trauma and later decided to take medical help. After the diagnosis Dr.Saikat Jena suggested uncemented hip replacement surgery to patients. This Surgery was required to create a stable functional hip joint, alleviate pain and restore the ability to walk independently. As these complex surgeries are expensive, the patient’s family was financially assisted by CM Fund and Siddhivinayak Trust. Patient was successfully operated on. Patient began to walk on the next day with the help of support. Later followed by physical therapy focusing on a gentle range of motion exercises and gradual weight bearing tasks. Initial pain and discomfort were managed with medication. After one month of surgery the patient is now able to walk without the assistance of a walker.”

On this successful surgery Dr. Saikat Jena further added, this was challenging and can prove to be impactful for several patients who are suffering from similar complex hip conditions. Fortunately, our efforts paid well. Her relatives were cooperative with us. Patient health has significantly improved. She has a stable hip joint with improved range of motion. Strengthening of the lower extremity muscles is going on. Now we observe proper alignment of the hip components with no signs of complications. Continued improvement is expected with ongoing physical therapy. Now Patient only needs regular check ups to monitor the hip prosthesis.

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