Kriti Sanon’s HYPHEN Introduces Dewy Prep to Vitamin-Infused Peptide Range After Extensive R&D

Kriti Sanon’s HYPHEN Introduces Dewy Prep to Vitamin-Infused Peptide Range After Extensive R&D

19th June 2024: After 12 months of rigorous R&D, HYPHEN, a high-performance skincare solutions brand, co-founded by Celebrity Entrepreneur Kriti Sanon and industry leader PEP Technologies (parent company of mCaffeine), has introduced its latest breakthrough, the Dewy Prep. Renowned for simplifying skincare routines by hyphenating the power of nature and potency of science, the brand’s hydrating face treatment is a one-of-its-kind crafted to leave the skin with an instant dewy glow while nourishing it and promoting healthier-looking skin. This new product is the brand’s latest addition to its widely-acclaimed Vitamin-infused Peptide range.

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HYPHEN’s Dewy Prep treatment signals a paradigm shift in skincare routines. Packed with a blend of potent natural ingredients and effective scientific formulation, it not only gives a dewy look to the skin instantly but also helps nourish and strengthen the skin barrier. The product is boosted with a rich multivitamin-infused formula that helps reduce blemishes and dark spots and even out the skin, while peptides 8% act as a moisture magnet for the skin, making it supple and healthier. Meanwhile, two powerful antioxidants, Blackcurrant oil and Licorice extract, help naturally brighten the skin and protect it from UV damage, adding to the skin’s glow and ensuring an overall gentle skincare experience.

Suitable for all skin types, the rich, creamy serum is fragrance-free, lightweight and quick-absorbing. It blends seamlessly on every skin tone and can be a part of your daily skincare routine or applied with make-up essentials whenever you desire a beautiful, dewy finish anytime, anywhere.

The brand also announced on its social media that the first 500 orders would be signed by Kriti Sanon, and within 3 hours of the product’s launch, these 500 units were sold out.

Talking about the launch of this ground-breaking product, Kriti Sanon, Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer of HYPHEN, said, “I am a huge fan of the dewy-like make-up look. Often, I’d blend my moisturizer with a few drops of highlighter to capture that healthy glow. However, I recognised the need for a product that offered dewiness as well as a wealth of vitamins and peptides for the skin’s health. Since the inception of HYPHEN, I have planned and envisioned a versatile solution that could serve as the ideal base for make-up, delivering a radiant glow that would last all day. I have personally tried and tested this product. And after multiple rounds of rejection, it took twelve months of R&D to get the formulation right. HYPHEN is one of the only brands to make a product like this, and it is one of our most awaited launches – I am excited to share it with everyone!”

With the launch of this innovative product, HYPHEN continues to elevate and simplify the skincare experience. The new product is an addition to HYPHEN’s best-selling Vitamin Infused Lipbalms and the brand plans to launch more products in the peptide range. HYPHEN’s commitment to offering effective solutions for diverse skincare needs has brought it closer to its mission of becoming India’s fastest-growing 100 crore D2C brand.

Elevate your beauty routine with Dewy Prep for a sheer golden hour glow that lasts all day. The product is now available to purchase on HYPHEN’s official website and leading e-commerce platforms, including Nykaa, Amazon and Flipkart.

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