State-of-the-Art Emergency Care Unit Launched at MGM Healthcare Malar Adyar

State-of-the-Art Emergency Care Unit Launched at MGM Healthcare Malar Adyar

Chennai, April 16, 2024 – MGM Healthcare Malar Adyar, a leading multispecialty quaternary care hospital and part of MGM Healthcare, proudly announces the launch of its state-of-the-art Emergency Care Unit. This new facility is dedicated to providing advanced trauma care and enhancing patient outcomes.

The inauguration of the Emergency Department at MGM Healthcare Malar Adyar was honored by Thiru. J.M.H. Aassan Maulaana, Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Velachery Constituency, along with Ms. Kala Balasundaram, Founder of ALERT NGO, Dr. Prashanth Rajagopalan and Dr. Urjitha Rajagopalan, Directors of MGM Healthcare, and Mr. Venugopal B, COO, MGM Healthcare Malar.


The newly launched Emergency Unit is equipped with cutting-edge medical technology and staffed by experienced emergency physicians, nurses, and support personnel available 24/7 to deliver expert care and support to patients. With expanded capacity, the unit can accommodate a higher volume of patients, reducing wait times and ensuring prompt medical attention. Advanced CT machines are also integrated to facilitate early detection of strokes.

MGM Healthcare Malar Adyar’s ambulances are outfitted with GPS, wireless remote assistance, real-time centralized patient monitoring, and video streaming capabilities for visual assessments and to provide guidance for bystander CPR. A standout feature is the installation of Bene-Heart D3 Defibrillators in the ambulances, enabling real-time transmission of patient vitals including ECG, SpO2, and NIBP back to the hospital’s emergency base station. This allows doctors to track the entire rescue process from the field to the hospital and formulate treatment plans even before patients arrive.

MGM Healthcare Malar Adyar is designed to handle a wide spectrum of medical emergencies, from trauma and cardiac events to pediatric cases and other critical situations. The hospital’s approach emphasizes patient-centered care, prioritizing comfort and safety, and delivering compassionate, personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s needs.

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