How Much Protein Do Women Need In Their Diet

How Much Protein Do Women Need In Their Diet

– Shikha Dwivedi, Dietitian and Nutritionist at OZiva

Dietary protein requirements in women are absolutely as essential as they would be for men across the globe. The intake of protein aids in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while also helping develop your muscles to enhance your fitness levels.

The amino acids found in protein are known to be the building blocks of the human body, right from the muscle tissues to the cells. Therefore, it becomes very essential for women to consume a balanced diet that possesses all the essential amino acids needed for a fit and healthy life.

Why Do Women Need Protein?

Now, it is a known fact that each kind of protein is very unique for the kinds of amino acids it contains. It becomes integral for women to consume a variety of proteins in order to supply a vast range of amino acids in the body.

Protein plays quite many key roles in how humans perform most tasks. It helps in the adequate flow of oxygen and blood by creating enzymes that digest and help absorb our foods, and also regulate our hormone levels.

As compared to men, women’s bodies have a lower lean mass percentage and more fat mass. Now, it may be a misconception that in order to focus on the fitness goals that may involve you losing weight, you’d need to cut down on your protein intake. On the contrary, increasing protein consumption can help you acquire lean mass and shed those extra kgs.

However, one important aspect of protein consumption is exactly how much protein women should include in their diet.

Recommended Dosage of Protein

So far, we have reiterated the fact that protein stands as one of the key nutrients responsible for the proper functioning of the human body. Now, the protein intake will differ for different people, and it will be different for women depending on certain factors.

Aspects like height, weight, age, overall well-being, and activity levels all come into play when determining the right amount of protein intake. According to reports, on a daily basis, women should consume at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight. Now, the protein can be consumed through food products or even additional supplements. As far as the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) goes for an average sedentary female goes, it’s 46 grams of protein per day. However, that may differ according to the needs of different women. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or are generally athletes may need higher protein consumption, as compared to other women. This is why, regardless of the set protein requirements, one should consult with a medical professional for the advised dosage of protein most suitable for them.

How To Consume Protein?

It can be established that protein has multiple needs for women. It can be used for losing weight, maintaining muscle mass, increasing strength, and enhancing your lifestyle. So, what’s the best way of consuming it?

While traditional animal products are a good source of proteins, they aren’t always the healthier alternative. This is where plant-based sources of protein come in handy. In order to ensure sufficient protein intake, women can turn to nuts and seeds, legumes, tofu, quinoa, and vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, and sprouts, which are high in protein. All these ensure an adequate supply of essential amino acids for your body to function smoothly.

On the other hand, women can also choose to consume protein supplements that are packed with essential multivitamins, minerals, and ayurvedic herbal extracts. These supplements are certified clean protein and aid women in controlling their weight, energy, and lean muscle and enhancing their metabolism. While there are other numerous sources of protein available, clean & certified proteins are an excellent source of nutrition for a variety of reasons. Women can go for certified clean protein powders as they are easy, convenient, and readily available to help meet an individual’s daily protein requirements without any hassle. As every woman has unique goals, physiology, and preferences, they must choose the suitable protein powder that suits their body type, workout regime and provides various benefits such as better weight management, improved metabolism, and skin health. Moreover, these products are not only proven to increase strength in women but have also been instrumental in enhancing hormonal balance with herbal extracts such as Shatavari, Tulsi & Curcumin and even increasing hair quality with power-packed multivitamins and multi minerals including Biotin, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, & B-Vitamins.

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