How to build a hand care routine for soft, smooth hands this winter by Dr. Blossom Kochhar

How to build a hand care routine for soft, smooth hands this winter by Dr. Blossom Kochhar

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During winter our skin tends to lose nourishment quickly and needs a regular moisturising skincare routine. Cold harsh weather is the toughest on the skin that makes it drier and long-term dryness can even lead to chapped hands. Our hands are the most exposed body part to the chilling winter wind therefore they need extra care. One golden rule for soft and supple hands is to apply a good moisturizer regularly. Following a regular hand care routine you can maintain a soft and healthy hand all year round.

Choose a nourishing hand wash: Hand soaps and hand washes are formulated to protect hands from germs, due to which they contain harsh chemicals that can cause extreme dryness. Use a hand wash that has moisturizing properties while protecting hands from germs.

Moisturise after every wash: Apply moisturizer after every hand wash. This will help to keep the skin nourished from within. Use a nourishing hand cream to regain moisture loss. It will help maintain moisture in the outer layer of the skin.

Wear gloves while going out: Apply moisturizer all over the hands and wear gloves. This will help to keep your hands warm, prevent extreme dryness, and protect your muscles from cold weather.

Exfoliate your hands twice a week: Pick a nourishing body scrub such as coffee scrub, honey scrub, etc, and exfoliate your hands twice a week. It will help remove dead skin, nourishes the skin.

Apply pack after every exfoliation: Every time you exfoliate your hands make sure you are sealing in the nourishment within the pores of the skin. Exfoliation opens the pores of the skin and applying aloe vera or a nourishing pack can help to close pores and lock in the moisture.

Avoid using hand dryers: Always use a tissue or hand towel and clean your hands by dabbing instead of rubbing it vigorously. Avoid using hand dryers as they cause parchedness and can also spread infection or viruses.

Mani-Pedi fortnightly: Manicure and pedicure once every two weeks, gives your hands a calming and nourishing treatment. Timely manicures and pedicures increase blood circulation, relax muscles, and keep your hands beautiful.

Organic oils treatment: Applying organic oils onto the skin is another deep nourishment treatment for the skin. Organic oils have a high content of nourishment and have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Applying organic oil can boost blood flow and can make skin healthier and more glowing.

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