Keep Your Eyes Safe & Secure

Keep Your Eyes Safe & Secure

Dr. Ipsita Basu

Dr. Ipsita Basu, DO, DNB, DipNB, Consultant – Pediatric Ophthalmology, Disha Eye Hospitals

Most people are ignorant about basic eye health and hygiene. Ensuring proper protection and maintaining accurate eye hygiene can assist one to keep away the further issues arising from the negligence which can even make someone’s vision partial and also totally blind. Basic eyecare can also help in avoiding common issues like eye allergies, conjunctivitis, redness, and puffiness etc.

Some easy but important eye healthcare guidelines which will help to safeguard your eyes and to combat any infection under any circumstances are listed below-

1. Use of Ultraviolet Goggles – We need to be careful while choosing our sunglasses. If an individual has to get exposed to the morning sun or be in the outdoor area for long hours, then it is always advised to make use of ultraviolet protective sunglasses only. This will help to prevent eye allergies and long-term eye diseases.

2. Avoid Contacting the Eyes with Unclean Hands- Do not rub your eyes with unwashed hands, especially if we are in outdoors and in public places, after shaking hands with the other fellows or if we are in a state of heavy sweating. We, ourselves might become the career of infections or allergies to our eyes.

3. Be Careful With The Tear Film – It is necessary to avoid splashing water heavily inside our eyes. This may damage the tear film which is a protective layer. We must wash our eyes only if foreign particles like dust enter our eyes and cause irritation.

However, it is a requisite responsibility to clean our hands and face once we reach our home as this prevents the dust and grime from entering our eyes and cause eye allergies. But this action must be undertaken very carefully. One should not be in a hurry or negligent while cleaning the face and eyes. Minor fault may lead to a major damage as our eyes are the most sensitive organ in our body.

4. Be Cautious With Your Contact Lenses – Extra care is imperative for those who are regular users of the contact lenses. Going to bed wearing the same is dangerous to eye safety and should not be worn for more than 16 hours. It might impact the cornea.

For maintaining an accurate vision it is always requested to the users to stick to the Do’s and Don’ts mentioned clearly by the ophthalmologists. One needs to be extra cautious regarding the Liquid which is used to wash the Lenses. The Date of Manufacture and the Period Of Its Expiry should be checked. Do not buy the liquid which has exceeded its expiry date or have no mention of this credential.

5. Take Caution Regarding Cosmetics Applied On The Eyes – Cosmetics have become an integral part of our day to day life. While decorating our eyes to impart a unique appearance in our personality, some safety and hygiene measures need to be considered seriously.

a. Avoid sharing any common handkerchiefs, towels, toiletries, etc. Do not share common eye cosmetics. Eye make-up should be light especially during the daytime.

b. If Eye shadows are applied then it should not spill over into the eyes.

c. Ensure the application of waterproof mascara. Melted mascara can be harmful for the eyes. As, Mascara is mainly used to make the Eye Lashes look elongated and beautiful but this artificial appearance is a threat in disguise to the safety of our eyes. Mascaras contain Fibers which can cause irritation and even when it enters the eye can cause blurred vision.

d. Be careful while using eye liner. It should not get in contact with the eyes directly.

e. Refrain from applying Glittery Eye Cosmetics. Such metallic products causes heavy irritation in our eyes and may lead to a serious damage like deep scratch in the Cornea. It can permanently destroy the visionary capability if person is wearing contact lenses.

f. High obsession with the Eye Cosmetics can be an influential factor in causing ‘Corneal Abrasion’. The term ‘Corneal Abrasion’ refers to a particular kind of eye injury. This is caused when someone is applying eye makeup in a moving car or bus and the vehicle suddenly undergoes an abrupt slowdown and the individual hits her eye with the brush or the eyeliner or a sharp Eye Kajal stick. Such state can lead to a severe scratch in the Cornea section.

g. Today, amongst women there’s a habit of using imposed Eyelash Extensions. Such eye cosmetics are undoubtedly short spanned and so any user is always reluctant to wash the eyes thoroughly as these eyelashes might fall off. This can prove to be dangerous. Prolonged application with no cleaning will become the dominant reason for a serious eye infection.

h. Be careful while removing the eye makeup, if somehow makeup goes inside the eyes, then rinse fast with cold water and don’t rub. Always remove make up before retiring to bed no matter how late it may be.

So, don’t forget to follow the basic principles of eye health and hygiene. Let us prioritize the safety of our eyes and also secure it.

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