Non invasive Natural Bypass technique can treat various heart conditions

Non invasive Natural Bypass technique can treat various heart conditions

Non invasive Natural Bypass technique can treat various heart conditions

-Dr Bimal Chhajer, Director, SAAOL Heart Center

Attributing to an increase in changing lifestyle, people often miss out on taking care of their health as a result of which there is an exponential increase of non-communicable diseases among the middle-aged population in the last decade. There is a rise in the incidences of diabetes, hypertension, obesity that ultimately leads to cardiovascular ailments, which has not only increased but has almost doubled in the last two decades, among the younger population as well.

More and more patients are being referred at a much younger age for management of heart problems and the reason for this is not only the stress and strain that we face but pollution, smoking, poor eating habits, improper sleep patterns and other risk factors also. This is also contributing to a great extent to heart diseases being more common in the younger population and that has actually resulted in almost an epidemic of heart diseases in India. Indians are genetically more prone to get heart problems. It is also seen that in the Indian sub-continent, there is more of a problem called truncal obesity (fat accumulated around the stomach and back) which most of us have. Truncal obesity is a very strong indicator of getting coronary artery disease or heart attack

Bypass surgery – is there a necessity?

The mortality rate due to cardiovascular diseases tops the list with over 1.7 crore annual deaths. Over 3.2 crore Indians suffer from some type of cardiac ailments and only 1.5 lacs of them undergo Bypass Surgeries annually.

A recent US study has also claimed that in over 85% of stable cases of heart ailments, medical intervention like angioplasty or bypass surgeries can be avoided and alternate medical therapy along with lifestyle changes works better.

The study results have put a big question mark on the use of unnecessary Angioplasties and Bypass surgeries in India and the 10,000 Heart Hospital Industry driven by the greedy Heart Surgeons and Interventional Cardiologists. In India more than 5 lac stents are being put every year and some 60,000 Bypass surgeries are being done in the heart Hospitals and 85% of them are done on stable heart patients – which can be easily avoided.

Lifestyle management along with Optimum Medical Management is the key to the solution of heart diseases. Not only that they are highly effective for healthy heart, but also prevent Bypass surgery or Angioplasty. SAAOL (Science and Art of Living) has been treating heart patients for the last 25 years successfully and its theory is now being proven correct by the most modern medical research. To avoid heart attack all the patients need is a through training on lifestyle and cover of Allopathic medicines.

Natural Bypass – Advancement towards cure

External Counter Pulsation (ECP) also known as Natural Bypass technique is an approved mechanical process without pushing wires, stents, etc. into the body but dilates blood vessels and enable body to grow new blood vessels much like bypass and stem cell therapy. Most patients can walk longer distance and faster, have fewer episodes of pain chest and require less medication after the therapy.

The patients experience better quality of life while tests can confirm the improved cardiac status. Patients have decreased chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, tiredness as well as a significant improvement in exercise tolerance and energy. They can walk longer distance and faster more comfortably. Medication is reduced in almost all patients. Stress Thallium can picture the heart muscle’s blood flow while the new non-invasive Cardiovascular Cartography can map heart’s blood flow and study the Oxygen demand reserve ratio, blood vessel elasticity, myocardial burden, etc.

In comparison to the conventional CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) which requires splitting the breastbone through a 10-inch incision, Natural bypass therapy is completely non-invasive, preserves the cosmetic appeal, painless procedure, no risk of infection and requires no hospital stay or recovery time. The benefit usually lasts up to three to nine years.

Sometimes Bypass surgery and angioplasty are not successful, there may be recurrence of symptoms after bypass, and patient may not be fit for surgery or the patient may prefer to avoid surgery for cultural or personal choice. Now non-invasive treatments such as External Counter Pulsation (ECP) is an option for these patients without the fear and trauma of surgery and are coming up as post bypass rehabilitation support.

Who All can benefit from Natural Bypass Technique?

Timely diagnosis and early detection of probability of onset of heart disease can work wonders in preventing the mortality and morbidity rate due to Heart ailments.

· Pre-existing heart patients with Angina or chest pain.

· High risk individuals with family history of heart disease, diabetes, over-weight, high cholesterol, smokers, high blood pressure, sedentary lifestyle, stress, etc.

· Patients unfit for angioplasty or bypass due to lung, kidney or other conditions

· Failure or recurrence after angioplasty, stents or bypass.

· Those not wanting to undergo surgery for religious, cultural or other reasons.

· Small vessels disease (more common in diabetics and women) that is less responsive to angioplasty and bypass.

· Leg pain due to Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

With advanced and non-invasive treatment methods like the natural bypass, many patients on the verge of cardiac ailments can be treated. Punyya Life Foundation, is India’s largest non-invasive cardiac care clinic, that emphasizes on lifestyle modification, food, medicine, and EECP (External Eco Counter Pulsation) treatment that opens collaterals to keep heart healthy. SAAOL has 100 clinics across Indian States.

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