1to1help emphasizes the need for emotional well-being support for expecting and new mothers

1to1help emphasizes the need for emotional well-being support for expecting and new mothers

Mumbai, 25 January 2024 – The landscape of workplace support for new mothers is witnessing a transformative shift, with growing awareness of the crucial role it plays in both individual well-being and organizational success. As per the Genpact Report, 48% of women who return to work after maternity leave, quit their job within four months of returning and 50% drop out in mid-career before the age of 30 due to childcare responsibilities. Industry data reveals that the transition to parenthood can be a vulnerable time for mothers, with up to 21% experiencing depression and anxiety.

A noteworthy observation reveals that a considerable 82% of women exit their workplaces within one year of returning from maternity leave. This high attrition rate is attributed to the multitude of personal, professional, and societal challenges women encounter when re-joining the workforce after maternity breaks. The resumption of work after a 26-week break not only impacts women’s confidence but also often results in missed opportunities, hindered promotions, and a lack of perceived empathy and support from their organizations. The absence of adequate support both at home and work, compounded by non-family-friendly policies, significantly contributes to a substantial number of women opting to leave the workforce entirely.

Against this backdrop, 1to1help reaffirms its commitment to maternal mental health with the launch of 1to1maternity – (previously Healthy Maternity) a revamped service designed to empower women during this significant life transition. Ms. Mahua Bisht, CEO, 1to1help, provides insights on the workplace landscape concerning maternal well-being, “It is imperative to acknowledge that the emotional well-being of a mother or father is as important as their physical well-being during this transformative period. While there is considerable awareness and support for physical and medical issues provided to new parents, there is a gap in the emotional support provided. 1to1maternity provides this for often neglected emotional challenges such as guilt, body image, and anxiety that can further exacerbate the physical demands that early parenthood places on parents such as lack of sleep. Overcoming these challenges is key for other forms of support (physical and physiological) to be effective. By offering emotional well-being support, childcare assistance and professional development, peer support, mentorship, and flexibility with work, companies can take proactive steps to ensure women’s career continuity; a key component of DEI initiatives.”

Recognizing the diverse challenges faced by mothers, 1to1help’s own product aims to provide assistance to all, acknowledging that factors such as social isolation, lack of sleep, excessive guilt, fatigue, and poor relationship status can contribute to antenatal and postnatal depression and anxiety for both parents.

With proven results, the product maintains an impressive return-to-work rate of 65% within 12 months of enrolment during pregnancy, and greater success over 24 months, reflecting its tangible impact on the professional lives of new mothers. What sets this enhanced version apart is its user-driven approach, incorporating user feedback to ensure a tailored and effective support system that addresses the specific challenges faced by women during the critical transition to parenthood.

A recent report by McKinsey indicates that at least $1 trillion could be added to global economic productivity annually if there were better interventions to address women’s health. One of the top areas of investment that could lead to a potential $100 billion contribution to global GDP is closing the gender gap in depressive disorders alone. This implies that investing in women’s health and mental well-being can lead to improved productivity, which in turn can have positive effects on the overall global economy. In an era where businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of supporting maternal mental health, 1to1maternity not only aligns with the shifting industry trends but also sets a new standard for affordability without compromising on quality.

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