34-Year-Old With Severe Liver And Lung Injuries Successfully Saved Without Surgery At Zynova Shalby Hospital

34-Year-Old With Severe Liver And Lung Injuries Successfully Saved Without Surgery At Zynova Shalby Hospital

 34-Year-Old With Severe Liver And Lung Injuries Successfully Saved Without Surgery At Zynova Shalby Hospital

Mumbai : In a gut-wrenching incident, Dr Hemant Patel and his team at Zynova Shalby Multi-Speciality Hospital, Mumbai successfully rescued a 34-year-old man who had sustained serious liver and lung injuries in a ghastly road accident. The patient arrived at the emergency department experiencing intense abdominal pain, chest discomfort on the right side, difficulty breathing, blood poisoning, and acute kidney failure. Through conservative treatment, he was salvaged and discharged from the hospital after receiving timely medical attention for 12 days.

Prashant Kadam a resident in Ghatkoper. He is working in a private company. On April 15, while going to office, he met with a bike accident around 9.30 AM. His liver was seriously injured in this accident. Bleeding inside the body had also reached the lungs. In such a situation, the local residents admitted him to a nearby hospital. After first aid treatment here, doctors advised to shift him to Zynova Shalby Hospital. Dr Hemant Patel (General & Leproscopic Surgeon) started treatment on him. After medical examination, the patient was found to have injuries to his liver and lungs. In such a situation, Doctors have saved the patient’s liver without surgery.

Dr Hemant Patel, General & Laparoscopic Surgeon, Zynova Shalby Multi-Specialisty Hospital Mumbai said, “Patient camt to emergencey department few hours after the accident in a desaturated condition with severe abdominal pain, right sides chest pain & dyspnea. After CT Scan & MRI Report, he was found to be in septicemia with acute renal failure with cst scans suggestive of multiple hepatic lacerations with contusions involving 50-75% of right hepatic lobe (AAST liver injury scale grade IV) with hemoperitoneum and right haemothorax with jaundice. Patient was manages Conservatively with nasel oxygen, intravenous antibiotics, intravenous fluids, Nephro protective and hepato protective medications. Haemothorax was drained after stablising the patient.

Dr Patel Added, ‘‘Case was very challenging in terms of if his bleeding did not stop or if he starts bleeding again from the liver than would have had to operate in emergency. And slight delay to take him for surgery would have been life threatening. So we all were on the toes for couple of days till he was fully stabilized.’’

“After 12 days of prompt intervention, the patient was discharged. The patient’s abdominal pain had completely stopped. Now this patient is doing all his daily activities as before. Patient is advised to do chest physio therapy at home for the lung rehabilitation on discharge. Patient is on regular follow up with me every 5-7 days with follow up blood reports and intrasound reports as liver injury takes time to heal. Not treating him on time would have been catastrophic including possible death” Concluded Dr Patel.

“The likelihood of my making it through the accident was slim. However, I thank the team of doctors who provided me with prompt treatment. I have got a second lease of life. I am forever indebted to the skilled team of doctors. I am eagerly waiting to resume work like before,” Concluded the Patient Prashant Kadam.

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