A Vision of Hope: Nand Ghar’s Healthcare Interventions Transforming lives in Jharkhand

A Vision of Hope: Nand Ghar’s Healthcare Interventions Transforming lives in Jharkhand

A Vision of Hope

Ranchi, 8th April 2024: On this World Health Day, amidst global reflections on healthcare access and empowerment, Nand Ghar emerges as a shining example of transformative change. Nand Ghar, a flagship women and child welfare project under the Anil Agarwal Foundation, the social impact arm of Vedanta, is weaving a brighter future for countless citizens across India. This project consists of a network of modern Anganwadis that goes beyond traditional childcare, offering a comprehensive approach to well-being. By addressing early childhood education, nutrition, and health needs alongside skill development and economic empowerment of women, Project Nand Ghar empowers communities and fosters a healthier tomorrow.

At the heart of Nand Ghar’s mission lies a steadfast commitment to improve healthcare outcomes and increase its access for local communities across India through various interventions. One such instance of the project’s impactful healthcare interventions comes from Jharkhand, where Musri Devi, a senior citizen living inMadhunia village in Chas Panchayat, Bokarowas helped by Nand Ghar to overcome her health struggles. Musri Devi was leading a tough life with no support from her two married sons or the village community. She lived alone with her husband and depended on his irregular income as a daily wage laborer. Suffering from a blurry vision, she was struggling to carry out her daily chores as well.

She ignored the problem for the longest time since she assumed it to be a result of her old age. However, at a free eye check-up camp organized by the Nand Ghar in her village, Musri Devi received the attention she needed. She was diagnosed with cataracts and was offered the right guidance from a set of dedicated healthcare professionals associated with Nand Ghar. Musri Devi underwent a successful surgery, restoring her eyesight and rejuvenating her outlook on life.

The impact of Nand Ghar extends far beyond such individual success stories. Through the Project, AAF has positively impacted more than 2,20,000 children aged 0-6 years, in addition to 1,00,000pregnant and lactating women, a reach of around 58,00,000 community health program beneficiaries, and more than 1,70,000 women through its skilling program. The integrated healthcare model of Nand Ghar has resulted in building healthier communities. Each cluster of 25-30 Nand Ghars is equipped with Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) or a telemedicine kit or conducting regular health camps, staffed with doctors and paramedics, to provide essential primary healthcare services. These services not only offer immediate medical aid but also facilitate referrals for emergency or critical cases to the nearest Community Health Centre.

As AAF continues its journey towards empowering communities, transforming lives, and facilitating sustainable growth, Nand Ghar remains at the forefront, championing the cause of healthcare access among communities.

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