Ad Astra Per Aspera: DPSI MUN ’24 Brings Together Young Minds for Debates and Discussions

Ad Astra Per Aspera: DPSI MUN ’24 Brings Together Young Minds for Debates and Discussions

Ad Astra Per Aspera

21st May 2024: The Aletheia DPSI MUN Society of DPS Indirapuram hosted the two-day seventh edition of DPSI Model United Nations (MUN)’24, themed “Ad Astra Per Aspera”- To the stars through Hardship. The inaugural ceremony was held on May 18th, 2024, featuring a song by the School Choir and a Pre-conference video. Mr. Nikhil Devra, Secretary General of DPSI MUN’24, opened the session. Over 500 delegates participated in discussions, debates, and deliberations on global issues.

The delegates represented the five communities: UNGA, UNSC, UNHRC, UNCSW, and AISM. Each committee spoke about agendas, including Deliberation upon the militarisation of outer space (UNGA), Review of UN procedures and measures on mediation and conflict resolution in complex (UNSC), Discussion upon arbitrary detention of ethnic minorities globally (UNHRC), Discussion on situations of patriarchy and maternal mortality with particular emphasis on the economic empowerment of women (UNCSW), and Analysing the issue of digital divide In India and formulation of a roadmap to overcome it (AISM).

On May 19th, 2024, the Valedictory Ceremony featured a symphonic orchestra and a dance sequence on global issues. Delegates from Australia (UNCSW), Arjun Ram Meghwal (AISM), Greece (UNHRC), Kenya (UNSC), and the USA (UNGA) received the best delegate award. Meanwhile, DPS Greater Noida won the best school delegation.

Ms. Priya John, Principal of DPS Indirapuram, expressed, “DPSI MUN ’24 challenges our students to reach for the stars through rigorous debate and thoughtful deliberation. This event hones their diplomatic skills and instils a deeper understanding of global issues and the importance of collaborative solutions. We are immensely proud of our delegates and their commitment to positively impacting the world.”

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