Alwar Woman Achieves Motherhood with Indira IVF Despite Period Challenges

Alwar Woman Achieves Motherhood with Indira IVF Despite Period Challenges

Alwar, 06th October 2023: A 27-year-old patient, Saloni (name changed) achieved her dream of motherhood with the help of advanced technology used at Indira IVF, despite a history of experiencing amenorrhea (absence of menstruation). Saloni has experienced irregular periods since her childhood, only menstruating after taking medicines that were prescribed by her doctor when she was 15 years old. Her unique case made natural conception highly unlikely, with Saloni and her husband facing challenges before opting for treatment at the city-based Indira IVF hospital.

Upon evaluation at Indira IVF, it was found that Saloni has a small uterus and her hormonal levels were extremely low. She presented a case of “hypo-hypo” which is a hormonal condition that prevents ovulation or the monthly release of eggs every month since eggs are unable to develop in a woman’s ovaries.

Elaborating on the case and treatment procedure followed, Dr Charu Johari from Indira IVF Alwar said, “Hypo-hypo is a rare but treatable condition that can cause infertility. With proper counseling and timely treatment, many women with hypo-hypo are able to achieve pregnancy with their own eggs. Saloni was treated with hormone replacement therapy to increase the size of her uterus followed by hormonal injections to stimulate her ovaries to produce eggs. A special stimulation protocol was used in this case because of the woman’s hormonal deficiency. After 14 doses of injections, an egg retrieval procedure which were then fertilized in the laboratory. Two good quality blastocyst embryos were transferred back to Saloni’s uterus, and she is now mother to a happy baby.”

“Hypo-hypo affects only 2% of women in their reproductive age group in India. Social pressure experienced by women with hypo-hypo can be very high. It is important for these women to have access to emotional support and proper counseling. With the right support, women with hypo-hypo can overcome the challenges they face and achieve their dream of parenthood,” Dr Johari added.

Saloni’s journey exemplifies the transformative potential of IVF and the importance of compassionate care. Indira IVF remains dedicated to offering cutting-edge fertility treatments and unwavering support to individuals and couples pursuing parenthood.

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