American Oncology Institute (AOI) Hisar Successfully Treats Laryngeal Cancer (Voice Box) Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

American Oncology Institute (AOI) Hisar Successfully Treats Laryngeal Cancer (Voice Box) Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

India, 26th July 2023: American Oncology Institute (AOI) Hisar successfully treats a 52-year-old male diagnosed with Ca Larynx (Voice Box or Throat Cancer) with right cervical lymphadenopathy (LAP). The larynx is a part of the throat, between the base of the tongue and the upper part of the windpipe (trachea). The larynx contains the vocal cords, which vibrate and make sound when air is directed against them. The sound echoes through the pharynx (the upper part of the food pipe), mouth, and nose to make a person’s voice. Cervical lymphadenopathy (LAP) refers to the swelling of lymph nodes located in the neck.

The patient presented with complaints of right neck swelling, throat pain, and generalized weakness, and sought medical assistance at AOI in Hisar. With the progression of the disease, the voice, respiration and food intake for the patient became challenging. Under the diligent care and expertise of Dr Trivikrama Rao, Medical Oncologist at AOI, the patient underwent a comprehensive evaluation to determine the most suitable course of treatment. Following the evaluation, the treatment plan of Neoadjuvant chemotherapy was advised, and radiation planning was carried out by Dr Sumeet Aggarwal, Radiation Oncologist at AOI.

Dr Sumeet Aggarwal, Radiation Oncologist, American Oncology Institute, Hisar

“In India Head and Neck Cancers (HNCs) are the most common cancer among men and rank 2nd overall. There is wide variation in the incidence and anatomic distribution of HNCs in India. Over 200,000 cases of head and neck cancers occur each year in India. In India, most of the head and neck cancers are diagnosed in advanced stages hence, early detection is of paramount importance.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts collaborated closely to tailor an effective treatment plan that targeted the tumor and addressed the patient’s specific needs. The positive response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy is a testament to the effectiveness of this treatment approach in achieving favourable outcomes,” stated Dr Sumeet Aggarwal.

The patient underwent a series of interventions, including neoadjuvant chemotherapy, aimed at reducing the size of the tumor before any definitive treatment. A total of seven cycles of chemotherapy were administered, accompanied by regular dressing of the wound to ensure optimal healing and overall well-being of the patient. The treatment was well-tolerated by the patient, who exhibited remarkable progress throughout the course of therapy. The neck nodule mass demonstrated significant regression, marking a notable milestone in the patient’s recovery process.


Dr Amit Dhawan, Regional COO, American Oncology Institute, Hisar said, “Head and neck cancer is a prevalent health problem with considerably high morbidity and mortality. While early detection and timely treatment help in improved prognosis, it is also important to create awareness to reduce the disease burden. With advancements in technology and introduction of new drugs helps patients resume their near normal activities of living and lead a quality of life. We at AOI are committed to treating the patient and managing the disease while bringing back the patient’s quality of life.”

American Oncology Institute Hisar is a renowned cancer treatment facility. They have individualized and comprehensive integrated treatment plans based on a patient’s individual case. AOI has expanded its network of super-specialty cancer hospitals in India and across South Asia. The institute is recognized for not just catering to the needs of the patients, but also for its convenient location. AOI facility at Hisar offers convenient access to all the patients in the adjoining cities. Besides, the hospital provides comprehensive cancer treatment services to its patients that include Radiation Oncology, Surgical Oncology, and Medical Oncology for people across all age groups. Combined with the patient-first attitude, our services give us a unique edge in the healthcare sector. At AOI, with some of the best oncologists in Hisar, they follow a multidisciplinary approach to prevention and cancer treatment with utmost compassion and care.

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