American Oncology Institute (AOI) starts a dialogue on Self-Breast Examination through #ThePinkRibbonCollection

American Oncology Institute (AOI) starts a dialogue on Self-Breast Examination through #ThePinkRibbonCollection

American Oncology Institute (AOI) starts a dialogue on Self-Breast Examination through #ThePinkRibbonCollection

21st Oct 2022, India: American Oncology Institute (AOI) has launched #ThePinkRibbonCollection campaign to make Breast SelfExamination awareness a nationwide movement. The campaign is a personal reminder for every woman to examine herself for early signs of breast cancer while adding it to their daily routine. AOI introduces a limited edition of “The Breast Cancer Push Away Bra – a 6-step reminder to support breast cancer” by initiating an extensive dialogue on social media through an influencer campaign. The Breast Cancer Push Away Bra is also the centerpiece of the integrated campaign to engage women for bringing the internal thoughts around breast cancer to be discussed externally. It resonates with every woman, to spark conversation and raise awareness about breast cancer

In addition to the campaign, AOI in collaboration with Robert Naorem Studio unveiled The Pink Ribbon Collection – Limited edition of the Breast Cancer Push Away Bra at the Manipur Fashion Extravaganza 2022 (MFE).

According to the World Cancer Report 2020, early detection and rapid treatment are the most efficient intervention for breast cancer control. Screening should be done about every year for women in 40 and over. Regular self-observations or breast selfexamination is fundamental to detecting any differences in the breast’s appearance or feeling a lump. According to a cross-sectional study on Knowledge and Practice of Breast Selfexamination among Women in Yavataml, India, about 85.71 percent of women were aware of breast selfexamination. However, only 38.19 percent were practicing breast selfexamination. Another study conducted among 3,041 women in the age group of 18-60 in Kerala by NGO indicates 66.1 percent women being aware of the selfexamination checkup and its importance, but 46.4 percent do not practice it. This indicates that the awareness on breast selfexamination is not being transformed into practice.  

Talking about the campaign, Tina Choudhury, Campaign Brand Lead, CTSI, said, “Even if women are aware of breast selfexamination, it is not being practiced enough. The Pink Robbin Collection campaign will serve as a personal reminder for women for breast selfexamination while making it a daily body care ritual. With the limited edition of the Breast Cancer Push Away Bra, we have taken a bold step of printing the 6-step of breast selfexamination on the bra. The collection is not for commercial purpose but a social cause to start a dialogue on social media through influencers. As influencer are the key consumer-driving medium, our focus is on leveraging the power of influencers and tapping into their network for wider audience reach. We intend to escalate the conversations around the immediate need for regular breast selfexamination. This will empower women to take the first step towards breast selfexamination and support breast health.” 

The digital campaign is live across AOI’s social media channels and further released in 10+ states in the form of outdoor and other in-house advertising. All the ATL and BTL activities across all units includes a QR code that leads to AOI’s YouTube channel on the 6-step guide of breast selfexaminationAOI is the leading cancer hospital chain of South Asia operating 16 cancer hospitals in the region. AOI offers best in class clinical expertise, technological superiority and service excellence. This awareness campaign further aligns with the central campaign idea i.e., #AOICancercare and #Wejourneywithyou.   

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