Amidst The Accelerating Summer Temperature Be Precautious Towards Your General Health & Eyes

Amidst The Accelerating Summer Temperature Be Precautious Towards Your General Health & Eyes

During the Summer season and running heat wave all around India it is important to take care of our overall health. The scorching heat makes our body go through several complications which unknowingly damages our internal organs, skin and eyes. To prevent serious medical complications, one must focus on adopting certain precautionary measures that will help one to stay fit and healthy.

Dr Payel Kumar Roy, Chief Dietician & Critical Care Nutritionist, Techno India DAMA Hospital & Healthcare Medical Centre throws light on crucial dietary suggestions for maintaining a healthy body

One needs to consume light and easy foods as their daily diet. Such foods and drinks protect against dehydration and help in maintaining the optimal levels of energy.

Eat a lot of fresh fruits, salads and lightly spiced foods as the fruits and veggies are easy to digest. They bear high water content and help in hydration. Avoid fried and junk foods as they take time to digest and require a lot of water. Spicy foods can also increase body heat. Summers can be incredibly exhausting and can leave one feeling drained out. Nothing is better than refreshing oneself with quick and tasty drinks. Fruit juices like Wonder watermelon, Lemon punch, Cool cucumber and Masala Jeera. All these may vary in nutritional value but most of them have a variety of health benefits. They contain various antioxidants which help to reduce the risk of certain health issues and vitamins that help the body to function well.

Apart from this, below mentioned are additional steps which can be undertaken as the safety measures to combat the adverse impact of the heat wave.

  1. Cleanyourface with cold water but not constantly. After washing, rub ice on the face.
  2. Apply the sunscreen lotion whenever you are about to get exposed in the scorching heat. This will help in avoiding dark shades on the skin and will also prevent developing allergies from the sweat and heat.
  3. Must include more Vitamin C and Calcium in the diet.
  4. Include more water or fluid to keep the body well hydrated.
  5. Light oils such as jojoba oil, lavender oil, Rosehip oil and grape seed oil can be used since these oils do not have a heavy consistency. They do not clog pores, instead, they hydrateyour skin.

Dr Abhishek Kayal from Disha Eye Hospitals – Kolkata further adds some valuable suggestions regarding the eye related problems which an individual can encounter due to rising temperature in Summer with the remedies related to this.

During the summer season most of the people are affected with dehydration, heat stroke and skin darkening. Common eye problems that one faces when the temperatures rise are allergies, conjunctivitis and stye. Protection and proper eye hygiene can help one keep away from excessive heat driven eye problems. People who suffer from allergic diseases like asthma, eczema, etc are more prone to eye allergy. Common allergens that cause eye allergy are diesel exhaust, cigarette smoke, and perfumes.

Allergens cause our eye to release histamine that in turn makes your eye swell, become watery, and turn red. The symptoms of eye allergies are Swollen eyes, Red eyes, Puffy eyes, Itchy eyes or a burning sensation, Eyes watering excessively, Stringy eye discharge Vessels in the clear tissue covering the white portion of the eye could be dilated.

In such circumstances, the patients are advised to rinse their eyes repeatedly with either cold or warm water, and then to wipe it gently with a soft tissue. Rose water is another natural remedy that has been used through the ages. Use 3 to 4 drops of rose water in both your eyes. Shut your eyes for around 5 minutes so that its full effects can take place. Avoid wearing contact lense and in case you wear them you are advised to stop wearing them until treatment is complete. Disinfect hard lenses overnight before you reuse them. If home remedies do not work, your doctor can help you by prescribing suitable medication that will help you cure the infection.

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