Apollo Cancer Centre Kolkata Successfully Treats 3-Year-Old Ependymoma Patient Without Anaesthesia

Apollo Cancer Centre Kolkata Successfully Treats 3-Year-Old Ependymoma Patient Without Anaesthesia

Chennai, 10th August 2023: Apollo Cancer Centre (ACC) Kolkata has once again showcased its marvel of excellence with the successful treatment of Baby Janvi Ayat—a courageous three-year-old-girl from the city—who recently underwent (a unique and ground-breaking) six-week long treatment for Ependymoma, central nervous system (CNS), without anaesthesia.

In February 2023, Baby Janvi began to experience occasional episodes of vomiting and right-sided weakness. Concerned about her health, her parents sought medical attention, and the brain MRI revealed the presence of a large brain tumor. The biopsy report confirmed that the child was suffering from ependymoma, a rare and challenging brain tumor. Ependymomas are glial cell tumors that commonly arise in the lining cells of the ventricular system, and less commonly outside the central nervous system, or within the brain parenchyma. She was immediately referred to one of the premier cancer institutes in the city, where surgery was conducted in March 2023. Following the surgery, the next phase of treatment involved radiotherapy for a duration of six weeks, every day under general anaesthesia. The family approached three renowned oncology centres in Kolkata. Among these centres, two of them refused to administer radiotherapy to Baby Janvi without anaesthesia, citing concerns about her ability to cope-up with the treatment before she came to ACC Kolkata.

Dr. Tanweer Shahid, Head of Department, Radiation Oncology, ACC Kolkata and the lead oncologist overseeing Baby Janvi’s treatment, said, “This was an exceptional case that required a delicate balance of medical expertise and human compassion. While this type of treatment can often be distressing for young patients, we recognized the resilience and determination of Janvi and her parents. With careful counselling and support, we were able to convince her to undergo radiotherapy without the use of anaesthesia.”

Dr. Mukti Mukherjee – Consultant Radiation Oncologist, ACC Kolkata, said, “We first saw her, she was a little girl apprehensive and frightened to the core. On the day of planning CT- Scan, it was a mammoth task for the anaesthetist to create an Intravenous (I.V.) access for the emaciated little girl.”

Dr. Arundhati De – Consultant Radiation Oncologist, ACC Kolkata, added: “It was challenging on our part to convince her. To communicate with her, we used to take her for a stroll in the lobbies, give her chocolates or toys and gradually, she started to become friendly with us. After a week-long constant effort, we could start her radiation without anaesthesia.”

The team at Apollo Cancer Centre, known for its expertise and tender loving approach toward patients, took up the challenge and successfully guided Baby Janvi throughout the treatment process. In her case, the team at ACC Kolkata opted to provide 30 fractions of radiotherapy over a period of six weeks without anaesthesia—a method rarely attempted in such cases. Despite the difficult circumstances, she displayed remarkable courage and cooperation throughout her radiotherapy sessions. She fearlessly underwent daily treatments, five days a week, for six weeks: bravely facing each session alone in the treatment room.

Baby Janvi’s parents Mr Sahidar Rahaman and Ms. Sabina Parvin said, “We are grateful to ACC Kolkata for their unwavering support and unique approach in treating Janvi. Their dedication and compassion have been a source of strength for us throughout this challenging journey. With their guidance, Janvi fearlessly faced each radiotherapy session without anaesthesia, proving her bravery and resilience.”

Her treatment period was uneventful and her condition remains stable. Her journey stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of our medical professionals to provide the best possible care and support to their patients.

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