Apollo Cradle and Children’s Hospital, Rajajinagar, Hosts Blissful Pregnancy Program

Apollo Cradle and Children’s Hospital, Rajajinagar, Hosts Blissful Pregnancy Program

Bengaluru, 15th May 2024: Apollo Cradle and Children’s HospitalRajajinagarBengaluru a renowned hospital chain specialising in Maternity, Gynecology, Neonatology and Pediatrics, organised a special event for expecting parents. The ‘Blissful Pregnancy Program’ was a delightful blend of learning, and enjoyment, providing expectant parents with valuable advice from renowned doctors from the prenatal care unit.

The highlight of the evening was an exciting fashion show where judges, including esteemed medical professionals such as Prof. Dr Bharathi Rajanna, Dr Shilpa Dinesh, Dr Rashmi, Dr. Ananya R, and Dr Sowmya M shared their views on the best-dressed expecting Mothers. Their presence & involvement along with their insightful comments and encouragement in lifting the spirits of all participants, made the occasion a memorable experience.

On this occasion, Prof. Dr Bharathi Rajanna, MBBS MD(OBG), FMAS, DMAS, Fertility Specialist, and Overseas Consultant said “We are thrilled by the turnout of expectant parents at this event—it’s a testament to our efforts. The enriching exchanges and interactive Q&A sessions between soon-to-be parents and distinguished medical experts on pregnancy, childbirth, and everything between and beyond was a resounding success”.

The Blissful Pregnancy Program also featured informative sessions aimed at preparing expecting couples for their upcoming parenthood journey. One such session, titled It Takes a Team to Deliver a Baby,” led by Dr Rashmi Naik N, Fertility Specialist; Dr. Madhusoodan C, MBBS, DA and Dr Shilpa Dinesh, MBBS, MD-Pediatrics emphasised the importance of collaboration and support during labour and delivery. Through interactive demonstrations and expert guidance, attendees gained valuable insights into effective communication, pain management and emotional support during the process of childbirth.

Another highlight was the “Stronger Mama, Stronger Baby,” session led by Dr Sana Zehra, a renowned Physiotherapist specialising in maternal health. The session explored various aspects of prenatal and postnatal fitness, empowering expectant mothers with knowledge and strategies to enhance their physical and emotional well-being. Dr. Sana Zehra’s expertise resonated deeply with attendees, sparking meaningful conversations and fostering a sense of empowerment and confidence among expectant mothers.

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