Aster Medcity’s Rs.1.32 Crore ICMR GDM Project ‘Madhura Prathirodham’ Targets Diabetes Risk in GDM Mothers

Aster Medcity’s Rs.1.32 Crore ICMR GDM Project ‘Madhura Prathirodham’ Targets Diabetes Risk in GDM Mothers

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Kochi, 21st May 2024: Aster Medcity has launched the ICMR GDM project ‘Madhura Prathirodham,’ an initiative aimed at reducing the risk of post-pregnancy diabetes in mothers diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). The project, funded by a ₹1.32 crore ($1.3 million) grant from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), focuses on promoting lifestyle interventions to benefit rural GDM mothers in Ernakulam.

The launch event, held at Aster Medcity, brought together a gathering of GDM mothers. The project was officially inaugurated by Loknath Behra IPS, Managing Director of KMRL and Former DGP of Kerala Police. During the event, the comprehensive booklet on gestational diabetes was released. The logo for ‘Madhura Prathirodham’ was unveiled by Dr. T.R. John, Medical Affairs Director at Aster Medcity-Kochi.

Dr. Uma V. Sankar, Research Administrator for Clinical Research at Aster Medcity Kochi, who received the grant, highlighted the significance of the project: “It will reduce the burden of young women diabetes mothers in Kerala. This replicable model can be adapted to other states too.”

The initiative will provide structured training to 2,000 GDM mothers from rural areas of Ernakulam, along with their family members, to adopt healthy lifestyles during the postnatal period. The focus is on comprehensive family inclusivity, ensuring that the entire family supports the mother in maintaining a healthy weight, staying physically active, following a nutritious diet, and managing stress.

“This is an excellent example of Aster Medcity’s commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare while fulfilling its social responsibility and advancing medical knowledge,” said Loknath Behra about the project.

The event had awareness sessions led by a team of senior consultants and specialists from Aster Medcity. Experts such as Dr Shameema Anvarsadath (Senior Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynaecology & IVF), Dr. Vipin V.P (Consultant – Endocrinology), Dr Rajsree (Consultant – Neonatology), Dr Sandhya Cherkil (Neuropsychologist), and Ms. Niby Alphonsa (Senior Clinical Dietician) conducted sessions on gestational diabetes, its risks, treatment options, and the importance of diet and physical activity.

An interactive session with women diagnosed with GDM provided a platform for sharing experiences and addressing concerns.

Dr Maya Chacko (ICMR Project Scientist 1), Dr Zareena A Khalid (Senior Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynaecology), Dr Anup R Warrier (Chief of Medical Services), Dr Jem Kalathil (Senior Consultant – Surgical Oncology), Dr Vijaya Mohan S (Senior Consultant – Orthopaedic Surgery), Dhanya Syamalan (Chief of Operations – Aster Medcity-Kochi), and Capt. Thankam Rajarathnam (Chief Nursing Officer, Aster DM Healthcare) attended the event.

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