Avni sets up first-of-its-kind educational workshops to promote menstrual health and hygiene

Avni sets up first-of-its-kind educational workshops to promote menstrual health and hygiene

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New Delhi, 28th February 2023: Avni- a feminine care & hygiene startup has announced that it has set up first-of-its-kind educational workshops to promote menstrual health and hygiene. The workshops intend to burst period myths and address queries of mothers of young girls who are about to enter or have just begun menstruating.

A qualified paediatrician will lead the private workshops and provide mothers and girls with verified content to help them understand the root cause of culturally internalized taboos; UTI-related infection problems; causes of irregular periods, heavy periods, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS); the negative effects of poor quality plastic-based sanitary pads including Toxic shock syndrome (TSS), vaginal odour, rashes, itchiness, swelling and more importantly planning for menstrual periods and disposal of sanitary napkins. Currently, the workshops are held once a month, however, based on demand, Avni intends to increase the frequency of these informative workshops to once every three weeks.

Commenting on the initiation of menstrual educational workshops, Mrs. Sujata Pawar- Co-Founder, of Avni- a menstrual healthcare startup said “With so many initiatives to incentivize women’s welfare, poor menstrual hygiene is still an insufficiently recognized problem in India. To address the same holistically and prevent girls from dropping out of school due to problems concerning menstruation, we have rolled out workshops to educate adolescent girls within the framework of extensive sexual education about health issues in general and menstrual and sexual health in particular. These workshops are also designed to raise awareness among girls, and parents – both mothers and fathers – of the value and advantages of organic sanitary napkins and other menstrual protection alternatives, and to encourage them to maintain safe practices, knowledge, and attitudes throughout their lives while also passing it on to the next generation.”

Avni has a total of 8 products listed on its website, with over 100 variants for customers to choose from. Avni’s range of skin-friendly, environmentally friendly, and chemical-free product line includes Avni Anti-microbial reusable cloth pads- Avni Lush & Avni Fluff, Avni Natural Cotton Sanitary Pads, Avni Period Wear Wash, Avni Menstrual Cup & Wash, Avni Antibacterial Soothing Intimate Care Wipes and Organic Cotton Pantyliners. Avni’s best-selling product is washable sanitary napkins and panty liners, followed by cotton disposable pads.

Inspired by Grandmoms and Ayurveda, Avni as a conscious menstrual hygiene brand has been initiating multiple no-filter conversations surrounding period myths and taboos through its multiple initiative and outreach programs. Additionally, to address the lack of understanding among women users towards its reusable menstrual products and to help them with their queries, Avni also launched a 24X7 support helpline.

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