Bodycraft Clinic launches groundbreaking skin and hair rejuvenation treatment YouthX in India

Bodycraft Clinic launches groundbreaking skin and hair rejuvenation treatment YouthX in India

Bodycraft Clinic launches groundbreaking skin and hair rejuvenation treatment YouthX in India

India, 20 May 2024:Bodycraft Clinic, a leading name in advanced aesthetic treatments, recently announced the launch of YouthX, a groundbreaking skin and hair rejuvenation treatment. YouthX harnesses the potent capabilities of Bone Marrow cells to revolutionise skin and hair rejuvenation. Bodycraft Clinic is one of the first clinics in India to offer this innovative technology.

YouthX’s formulations trigger cell growth and repair by stimulating collagen synthesis thus fostering firmer, smoother skin while diminishing wrinkles. Moreover, YouthX accelerates tissue repair, minimising blemishes like acne scars and hyperpigmentation for a renewed complexion. For those seeking voluminous hair, YouthX offers a specialised solution targeting dormant follicles, fostering thicker, healthier growth for a fuller mane.

Commenting on the launch, Sahil Gupta, CEO of Bodycraft says, “Bodycraft Clinic is proud to introduce YouthX, a breakthrough solution at the intersection of science and nature. YouthX delivers a transformative client experience, driving superior results in skin and hair rejuvenation. Our commitment is to bring the advanced treatments that are available worldwide, right to our clients.”

YouthX is a clinically tested treatment that is proven to deliver effective results in promoting cellular health. This treatment utilizes tiny vesicles, acting like messengers between cells, that are packed with beneficial molecules. These microscopic packages, millions of times smaller than a human hair, are confirmed to contain a wealth of growth factors and proteins known to enhance cellular regeneration and reduce inflammation.

“In my practice, I always seek innovative, evidence-based approaches to improve patient outcomes. YouthX aligns with this philosophy perfectly. The core therapy utilizes a derivative of bone marrow stem cells, specifically excluding genetic material like DNA and RNA. This approach holds promise for regenerating and repairing skin tissue. Combined with natural rejuvenation techniques, YouthX offers a compelling path to achieving optimal aesthetic results and a renewed sense of well-being for my patients,” said Dr. Mikki Singh, founder and Medical Director of Bodycraft Clinic.

With YouthX, Bodycraft introduces a pioneering duo of treatments tailored to individual needs: YouthX Skin addresses hyperpigmentation, scars and marks, fine lines, and the appearance of pores, while YouthX Hair promotes natural, healthy hair growth – without surgery or hormonal side effects!

The field of aesthetics is constantly evolving, with new technologies emerging that offer minimally invasive and more personalised approaches to achieving desired results. Treatments like YouthX represent a promising area of development, and Bodycraft Clinic is proud to be at the forefront of offering this innovative technology to our clients.

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