CAHOCON 2024: A global summit uniting healthcare visionaries in Kolkata

CAHOCON 2024: A global summit uniting healthcare visionaries in Kolkata

cahocon 2024

6th April’24, Kolkata: The Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO) proudly announced the commencement of CAHOCON 2024, a prestigious international conclave endorsed by esteemed institutions such as ISQua, ASQua, and QCI today, at a curtain raiser press briefing session at Biswa Bangla Convention Centre in the presence of Dr. Vijay Agarwal, President CAHO, Dr. Lallu Joseph, Secretary General, CAHO Assoc. GS & Quality Manager, CMC Vellore, Mr. Rupak Barua, Adviser – Strategy & Planning, Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt Ltd , Dr. Sankar Sengupta, Medical Superintendent C.N.C.I (Autonomous Institute under MOHFW, GOI), Mr. Prashant Sharma, Managing Director – Charnock Hospital, Mr. Sombrata Roy, CEO, C K Birla Hospitals CMRI, Dr. Saumitra Bharadwaj, Group President & CMO Medica Hospitals Pvt Ltd and other eminent personalities from healthcare fraternity. Set to take place on 6th and 7th April at the iconic Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, this event promises to be a pivotal moment in the global healthcare landscape.

Themed “Making Healthcare Efficient, Effective, Economical & Equitable”, CAHOCON 2024 aims to gather world-class healthcare leaders, professionals, researchers, and educators under one roof to dwell upon improving healthcare through invigorating talks, new research insights, exploring solutions to pressing issues and transforming healthcare for the larger benefit of all concerned.

The inauguration ceremony will be held on 6th April’24 at 12 PM in the presence of Special Chief Guest – Dr. C. V. Ananda Bose, Hon’ble Governor, West Bengal, and Chief Guest – Shri S. Somananth, Chairman, ISRO. The inaugural ceremony and address will be followed by engaging panel discussions led by distinguished medical experts. Among them are Dr. Alexander Thomas, Founder-President of AHPI & CAHO; Dr. Kunal Sarkar, Senior Vice Chairman & Senior Consultant of the department of Cardiac Surgery, Medica Institute of Cardiac Sciences (MICS); Dr. Sanjeev K Singh, Medical Director at AIMS, Delhi-NCR; Dr. Girdhar Gyani, Patron of CAHO and Director General of AHPI; Dr. Atul Mohan Kochhar, Chief Executive Officer of the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH); Mr. Som Mittal, Chairperson of Patients for Patient Safety Foundation (PFPSF) and former President & Chairman of NASSCOM; and Dr. Vasundhra Atre, Associate Director of Medical Services at Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru, and others.

Ahead of the main event, attendees are participating in 12 insightful pre-conference workshops today, hosted at various hospitals across Kolkata. Additionally, the CAHO Diagnostics & Labs Conference (CAHOLABCON) is taking place today at the Biswa Bangla Auditorium, providing a platform for in-depth discussions on the latest advancements in diagnostics and laboratory practices.

Expecting over 2000 delegates from around the globe, CAHOCON 2024 will offer a dynamic program filled with incisive panel discussions, thought-provoking debates, innovative poster presentations, and prestigious awards. A highlight of the event will be the exciting live Quiz Competition, designed to engage participants and test their knowledge in the field of healthcare. The Mega Industry Expo, running alongside the summit, will showcase cutting-edge technology and products, fostering meaningful networking opportunities and strategic alliances within the industry.

Kolkata, with its rich cultural tapestry and robust healthcare ecosystem, serves as the perfect backdrop for CAHOCON 2024. This summit is more than just an event; it’s an experience – a crucible for learning, partnership, and personal evolution.

During the briefing session, Dr. Vijay Agarwal, President, CAHO, shared, “CAHOCON 2024 mirrors our goal to improve healthcare for everyone. CAHOCON 2024 is bringing together the brightest minds in healthcare to shape the future of patient care. Embracing the theme ‘Optimizing Healthcare: Efficient, Effective, Affordable, and Accessible’, we aim to pursue a mission to achieve universal access to superior healthcare services. We are committed to creating a future where cutting-edge innovation harmonizes with deep-rooted compassion, ensuring that every individual can afford the healthcare they require. Together in the upcoming two days, we will deliberate and innovate, forging the path to a healthier, more equitable tomorrow.”

Dr. Lallu Joseph, Secretary General, CAHO Assoc. GS & Quality Manager, CMC Vellore, expressed, “We are delighted to host the 8th edition of CAHOCON in Kolkata. This event is expected to provide invaluable opportunities for healthcare management professionals to learn and grow with changing dynamics of the industry. Through the two-day long workshops, plenaries and laboratory sessions, attendees are set to acquire extensive knowledge, which can enhance the quality of healthcare delivery. The important topics that will be discussed will be beyond traditional medical school curriculum, addressing crucial aspects of patient care management. Panel discussions, debates will provide a platform to explore innovative solutions and best practices.”

Dr. Sankar Sengupta, Medical Superintendent C.N.C.I (Autonomous Institute under MOHFW, GOI), shared, “CAHOCON has firmly established itself as a distinguished brand and it is a great honor for us to host this esteemed event in Kolkata. This year’s theme, ‘Making Healthcare Efficient, Effective, Economical & Equitable,’ holds significant importance as we share our thoughts on transforming healthcare. Our endeavour to enhance healthcare’s efficiency, effectiveness, affordability, and accessibility is not just a mission; it is a pledge to maintain excellence, ensuring every patient receives highest quality of care. It transcends mere treatment of illnesses; it is about promoting wellness and empowering communities to flourish. We are looking forward to engaging discussions and workshops that will support us in reaching our goals.”

Mr. Rupak Barua, Adviser – Strategy & Planning Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt Ltd, stated, “We take pride in hosting CAHOCON 2024 in the City of Joy. We look forward to intense discussions, ground-breaking ideas & innovationsas the next two days dwell upon present trends in healthcare and the way forward. With 90% of attendees coming from accredited hospitals, along with global affiliations with distinguished bodies like ISQua and ASQua, CAHOCON 2024 promises to be a convergence of unparalleled insights and transformative ideas, shaping the future of healthcare.”

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