Denta Mitra Suitcase Clinic stole the show at Pune Dental Event

Denta Mitra Suitcase Clinic stole the show at Pune Dental Event

Denta Mitra

Pune, India – Denta Mitra, India’s leading on demand dental care provider, received a tremendous response at the Pune Dental Show, organized by the Indian Dental Association (IDA). The event was held from April 28-30, 2023, at the Pune Exhibition Center and witnessed a large gathering of dental professionals, healthcare providers, and industry experts.

Denta Mitra showcased its innovative Portable Suitcase Clinic setup for affordable and convenient dentistry in dental care at the event, which received much attention and appreciation from the attendees, including dentists, patients, and the IDA Hon. Secretary General, Dr. Ashok Dhoble himself. At the event, the team demonstrated the Denta Mitra Portable Clinic setup that can be compacted into a customized Suitcase Trolley and help dentists provide dental services anywhere without space constraint. The visitors were impressed with the flexibility of the Portable Suitcase Clinic setup and the expertise of Denta Mitra team.

Satyajeet Pradhan, Co-founder, and CEO, Denta Mitra, expressed his gratitude towards the attendees and said, “We are thrilled with the response we received at the Pune Dental Show by IDA. It was a great opportunity for us to connect with the dental community and showcase our innovative solutions. We are committed to providing our patients the best dental care services and will continue investing in the latest technologies to enhance their experience.”

Denta Mitra offers various services, including dental care, consultation, x-ray, oral scanning, scaling, polishing, extraction, root canal treatment, and many more. However, its virtual services take the credit, where patients can book the services through the app, Website, Whatsapp, and toll-free numbers. Denta Mitra’s mobile app comes with state-of-art AI self-diagnosis, dental reminders, and dental wellness features.

With a team of highly qualified dentists and state-of-the-art facilities, the company has established itself as a leading dental care provider in India. It was recognized as “75 Innovative Startups” by Startup India last year on the eve of 75 years of India’s Independence.

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