Doctor Delivers Baby, Removes Large Fibroid in One Go

Doctor Delivers Baby, Removes Large Fibroid in One Go

20th March 2024- Gurgaon, Haryana In a remarkable feat of medical expertise, Dr.Sumiti Mehta, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon, successfully performed a rare cesarean section on a pregnant woman with a large fibroid in her uterus. The surgery resulted in the safe delivery of a healthy 2.7 kg baby and the removal of a 1.3 kg fibroid.

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Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that can develop in the uterus and are known to cause complications during pregnancy, including miscarriage, preterm labor, and postpartum hemorrhage. In this case, the patient had a particularly large fibroid, measuring 13 cm – a significant size rarely encountered during pregnancy, with only a few documented cases worldwide.

Dr. Mehta’s astute skills and patient-centric approach were instrumental in navigating this complex case. She meticulously planned the surgery, addressing the mother’s anxieties and ensuring close monitoring of the baby’s growth throughout the pregnancy.

Dr. Mehta shared, “When the patient initially visited, she was afraid, likely having been informed about potential complications. While doctors need to discuss all possible outcomes, our approach differs. We tackled each day as it came, addressing challenges as they arose while remaining fully prepared. This approach helped alleviate the patient’s anxieties. We successfully carried the pregnancy to full term, delivered the baby, and removed the fibroid in a single procedure, thereby avoiding the need for future surgeries.”

The surgery itself was a delicate one. The large fibroid was covering more than 70 percent of the uterus, thus restricting space to deliver the baby. Dr. Mehta and the team opted to conduct the cesarean section at 37.5 weeks due to the breech position of the baby (head up, buttocks down). The surgery resulted in the successful delivery of the baby and the removal of the large fibroid.

Patient who is herself a radiologist, said, “I had a complicated pregnancy due to a huge fibroid along with my pregnancy. I went to Dr. Sumiti as I had heard a lot about her, not just her calm and confident patient care but also her surgical skills. True to what we had heard, we were blessed with our baby boy and also had that huge fibroid removed at the same time, which, as a doctor, I can understand its complexity (avoiding future surgery as well).I absolutely vouch for and recommend Dr. Sumiti Mehta for her exceptional skills in making me a confident and happy mother!”

This successful surgery highlights Dr. Mehta’s exceptional surgical skills and dedication to her patients. It also underscores the importance of patient trust in the medical team and the treatment process. The patient’s unwavering faith in Dr. Mehta and the team helped achieve a positive outcome and avoid future surgery, as it was done in the same sitting.

Dr. Mehta’s philosophy of care is centered on the belief that “We treat, He cures.” She deeply thanks the almighty and her mentors for their guidance. Dr. Mehta remains committed to serving humanity with the utmost sincerity and dedication, ensuring exceptional care for her patients.

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