Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital Provides Free Eye Checkup for Women Till March 15, Commemorating Women’s Day

Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital Provides Free Eye Checkup for Women Till March 15, Commemorating Women’s Day

Mumbai, 4th March 2024: In commemoration of International Women’s Day celebrated worldwide on the 8th of March, Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Among India’s largest networks of eye hospitals, is conducting free eye checkup camp for women of all age groups across all branches in Maharashtra till March 15, 2024.

The hospital has made special arrangements for screening of eye diseases and disorders that are most common among the women, including vision health issues due to pregnancy-induced hypertension, menopause, and perimenopause. Registration for the free eye checkup can be made at 95949 24050.

Men and women have differences in their eyes, from the structure to gene expressions and other functions. Various factors like biology, hormones, and life stages or events can affect why women might be more susceptible to certain vision problems. For instance, in some cases, women with pregnancy-induced hypertension might develop complaints of blurred vision, intermittent vision loss, double vision, and partial loss of vision or blind spot in an otherwise normal visual field. Pregnancy can also lead to dry eyes, and light sensitivity. Further, menopause and perimenopause usually accompany a dip in a particular type of hormone affecting the production of lubrication, and thus causing dry eyes and blurred vision. Also, hormones in birth control pills can cause vascular changes, indirectly contributing to vision problems. Hence, women are disposed to eye health issues in unique ways.

Pregnancy-induced hypertension affects about 5-8% of pregnant women. They need a prenatal screening, and should receive counseling regarding the progression and management of this condition during pregnancy. Similarly, about 80% of those affected by autoimmune issues such as lupus, psoriasis, Reiter’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and uveitis are women. The autoimmune diseases are more likely to induce eye issues. The key risk factor for thyroid eye disease is female gender. Special tests and physical examinations are important to diagnose these conditions.

Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital will also conduct awareness sessions on the steps women have to take to minimize the risks of eye diseases that arise from factors exclusive to them. The free eye checkup and awareness campaign of the hospital throughout Maharashtra would make women aware of the risks, better informed and would result in early diagnosis and early intervention for better eye health outcomes.

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