Experts Advocate One Health for Preventive Approach at 9th IHW Summit

Experts Advocate One Health for Preventive Approach at 9th IHW Summit

One Health is the Need of the hour

Mumbai, 29th April 2024: Public Health experts at the 9th Edition of India Health & Wellness Summit & Awards concluded that the “One Health Approach” is a much-needed step towards preventive health and can pave the way for healthier societies as well as better and safer environments.

The 9th edition of the India Health and Wellness Summit and Awards unfolded in a splendid ceremony in Mumbai, drawing together a diverse array of stakeholders and public health experts. Their collective focus was on crafting comprehensive and well-coordinated strategies, aimed at advancing the fundamental goal of securing good health for the people and the planet.

While taking part in the discussion, the Guest of Honour – Mr Nawin Sona IAS, Health Secretary-Public Health Department, Government of Maharashtra congratulated the IHW Council for spearheading the endeavor “Platforms like the IHW Summit break the silos and bring everyone together thus initiating interconnectedness action for the good health of all”. He further noted that “the One Health approach is pivotal to bridge the gap between preventive health and awareness, it is only through a comprehensive approach that we can work towards addressing the problems of modern-day living and go back to traditional and healthier ways of living.”

The summit saw fruitful discussions on critical health topics like sustainable food security & nutrition, patient centricity in healthcare delivery, personalized health solutions and the digital age, equitable access to safe and quality medicines, and the impact of social and environmental determinants on overall well-being.

Mr Sudarshan Jain, Secretary General, Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance while discussing about the aspect of adult immunization remarked that equitable access to vaccine goes beyond accessibility and creating awareness on the preventive aspect of life course vaccination is imperative, in this regard.

Each session was attended by an array of experts who discussed the importance of digitalization in making healthcare accessible, the relationship between gut health and mental health and also pointed out the significance of patient-centric interventions that are revolutionizing preventive health.

Mr. Akshay Mehrotra Co-Founder & CEO FIBE while discussing about enabling financial solutions for health equity observed “The healthcare sector holds profound sentimental significance for us, embodying a commitment to enhancing value for our esteemed customers and the patients within the hospital. Through strategic partnerships, our alliance aims to reinforce our dedication to establishing affordability for exceptional medical treatments, alleviating the financial burden of patients. “

Since its inception in 2014, the IHW Summit has emerged as a pivotal platform for healthcare luminaries, policymakers, industry experts, and community influencers to converge, exchange insights, and co-create solutions aimed at addressing the nation’s pressing health challenges. With a steadfast commitment to fostering dialogue and collaboration, the Summit endeavors to catalyze a paradigm shift in India’s approach to health and wellbeing, laying the groundwork for sustainable progress and advancement.

Year after year, the IHW Summit has garnered widespread acclaim for its role in driving innovation, advocating for policy reforms, and championing best practices in health and wellness. As a testimony to its growing influence, the Summit has become synonymous with excellence in healthcare, attracting millions of followers, key stakeholders, and grassroots communities alike.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Kamal Narayan, CEO, Integrated Health & Wellbeing Council said, “The IHW Summit, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to shaping the future of health and wellness in India. In these unprecedented times, the need for collaboration and innovation in healthcare has never been greater. We look forward to welcoming participants from across the healthcare ecosystem as we work together to drive meaningful change and create a healthier, more equitable future for all.”

FIBE was the Healthcare Finance Partner for the event, Zenzo, FlexifyME, and Wolters Kluwer were Associate Partners and Peakmind was the Mental Health & Wellbeing Partner for the event. Disha was the Session Partner and Teamwork Communications Group was the Communication Partner for the event.

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