Extending Beyond Maternity Care: MomStory by Sahyadri Hospitals’ Community-Focused Initiatives

Extending Beyond Maternity Care: MomStory by Sahyadri Hospitals’ Community-Focused Initiatives

Pune – 8th June 2024 – In a heart-warming celebration of MomStory’s 2nd Anniversary, Sahyadri Hospitals successfully hosted the MomStory Pregnancy Carnival, where the hospital not only honored expectant mothers but also highlighted the completion of its impactful community support projects in Pune. The event, graced by celebrity guest Bipasha Basu, drew a large crowd of expecting parents, reflecting the community’s strong engagement with the hospital’s initiatives.

On the occasion of MomStory’s 2nd Anniversary, the focus was placed on emphasizing the dietary needs of pregnant women. These initiative addresses the crucial aspects of nutrition during and after pregnancy, significantly affecting both maternal well-being and the health of their newborn children. The health and nutrition of pregnant women affect the baby’s development in the womb and their growth after birth. Very often, the right nutrition and the required quality are not available to these women in rural/distant areas, causing many deficiencies in health and complications during and post-birth to both the mother and child.

At the carnival, attendees experienced a mix of education, excitement, and community engagement. Bipasha Basu shared her parenting experiences and took part in heart-to-heart conversations with the participants, adding a personal touch to the festivities. Dr. Mahima Bakshi, a Maternal Child Wellness Consultant and Brand Consultant to MomStory by Sahyadri Hospitals, reinforced the hospital’s dedication to motherhood wellness, stating, “Our commitment at MomStory by Sahyadri Hospitals is to nurture health and happiness right from the beginning of motherhood. Today’s celebration also serves as a platform to further our community support through new CSR initiatives, focusing on the dietary needs of pregnant women along with post birth wellness needs of new mothers and children which are crucial for good health in the society and future of the community.”

Navkaran Singh Kang, Assistant Vice President at Sahyadri Hospitals & MomStory by Sahyadri Hospitals, detailed these initiatives, “We are thrilled to join hands with local Anganwadi and ASHA workers to provide nutritional advice to expecting mothers and the ASHA workers who would guide them forward along with special ladoos that assist with post-delivery recovery and improve breast milk nutrition at the very least. Our visit to Maher orphanage was particularly fulfilling, where our doctors engaged with the children through games and activities, and distributed snack boxes, sweets, and gifts as a mother would. It was a day of joy and meaningful community interaction. Our initiative aims to benefit 2000 ASHA workers and approximately 3000-4500 expecting and new mothers over the next 6 months of the Indapur & Solapur track of Hadapsar belt in Pune.”

The carnival featured a lively Zumba session, a maternity photo booth with fun props, and zones dedicated to fashion and style, making the day both entertaining and informative for all attendees. The atmosphere was further enlivened with lucky draws and special giveaways.

Bipasha Basu expressed her delight at participating, saying, “It’s a privilege to celebrate such a special day with so many inspiring mothers. The strength and joy of motherhood are evident in each story shared here. I am excited to see how our continued efforts will support and empower mothers across the community.”

Through the Momstory Pregnancy Carnival, Sahyadri Hospitals not only celebrated motherhood but also affirmed its commitment to nurturing the community, ensuring that the journey of motherhood is supported with utmost care and compassion. The hospital looks forward to sustaining these efforts and fostering stronger community connections in the future, with a specific emphasis on the health and nutrition of women in underserved areas.

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