Fortis Healthcare: Expanding Horizons in Mental Wellness

Fortis Healthcare: Expanding Horizons in Mental Wellness

Fortis Healthcare

New Delhi, 30th April 2024: Fortis Healthcare today achieved a significant milestone in India’s mental healthcare landscape with the launch of ‘Adayu Mindfulness’, a dedicated vertical for comprehensive Mental Healthcare along with an exclusive collaboration of United We Care and Adayu – AI-Powered Holistic Mental Health Solution with World’s most Advanced Virtual Psychological First Aid. This collaboration will leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enhance mental well-being and accessibility of care for individuals everywhere, powering it further by Adayu’s trained team of mental health experts to provide holistic care. This visionary initiative reaffirms Fortis Healthcare’s commitment to transformative healthcare solutions and underscores its role as a trailblazer in revolutionizing mental healthcare services across India.

Dr. Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, MD & CEO, of Fortis Healthcare, said “Fortis Healthcare is uniquely committed to integrating mental health into mainstream healthcare, a vision we have been cultivating for over a decade. Today, we take a significant step forward with the launch of our dedicated mental health vertical, ‘Adayu Mindfulness’. This new initiative not only emphasises our commitment to addressing the pervasive challenge of mental health but also showcases our innovative approach by integrating AI technology through our partnership with ‘United We Care’. This collaboration is set to transform the accessibility of mental health services, making comprehensive care available at the touch of a button. This is more than an advancement in healthcare technology; it is a movement towards destigmatizing mental health issues and enhancing the availability of care for those in need across India. Through such pioneering efforts, we continue to lead the way in transforming healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes.”

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