FOS: A Fibre for a happy and healthy baby

FOS: A Fibre for a happy and healthy baby


Did you know?

Almost 1 in 2 babies have gut issues globally.

One of the most common concerns of mothers is related to the infant’s gut. Rightly so, because the gut supports babies’ growth and development. Hence it is important to foster and nourish this important organ

What if we tell you that FOS is one of the many nutrients that supports your babies’ gut?

What is FOS?

Fructo-oligo-saccharides (FOS) is a fibre which is an essential nutrient for babies. It may be tough to pronounce but it has multiple benefits. FOS acts as food for the good bacteria in the gut for them to thrive and grow, and may have a positive impact on babies’ gut health. FOS is present naturally in foods like banana, apple, oats, tomatoes etc.

How does FOS benefit the baby?

Healthy digestions

FOS is a beneficial fibre that can support the health of your baby’s digestive system. Its FOS feature (increase in good bacteria) is largely responsible for its health advantages. Infants who experience constipation as well as their families may find it extremely stressful. FOS is one of these soluble fibres, which means that it transforms into a jelly-like mass  in your baby’s gut and can aid in your child’s recovery from this issue.

Softer stools

FOS is an essential nutrient that softens the stools and facilitates their smooth passage and keeps babies tummy clean. Besides, it acts as food for good bacteria and increases their number thus supporting gut health.

Nutrient absorption

Not just giving the right nutrients, but efficient absorption of nutrients is also critical. FOS has proven to help in absorption of vital nutrients like calcium, iron and zinc which are very critical for babies’ overall growth and development.

Increase in good bacteria

A healthy fibre like FOS aids in increasing the quantity of beneficial bacteria in your baby’s digestive system, thereby reducing digestive issues. It’s also a sign of good health when your baby has more of the good bacteria in his or her gut. Your baby will get sick less frequently and thus develop normally. A baby with a healthy gut is definitely a happy baby. Hence, the baby will sleep soundly, play well and grow normally. Every parent’s best friend is a good fibre like FOS because it guarantees, healthy development, better digestion, and an all-around happier baby.

Stress-free parenting

Parenting can be challenging and overwhelming. What’s best for baby’s tummy is also best for baby. Once you understand this, you’ll be all-set to enjoy parenting. Every parent wants only the best for their children. Weighing every choice carefully, leaving no stone unturned when making any decision. Because when it comes to babies, parents do just about anything to see them happy and healthy. One of the first and most important decisions parents have to make is deciding what to feed baby. Understandably, these decisions are often fraught with anxiety, especially for new parents. Don’t fret and don’t forget – The happier the child, the happier you will be.

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