Supporting the Diagnosis of Bone-related Diseases, FUJIFILM India Installs an Advanced DEXA Machine in Delhi

Supporting the Diagnosis of Bone-related Diseases, FUJIFILM India Installs an Advanced DEXA Machine in Delhi

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New Delhi, 19 February 2024: FUJIFILM India, a pioneer in diagnostic imaging solutions, has announced the installation of its powerful Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) machine “FDX Visionary-DR” at the grand inauguration of the Center for Sports Injury in Delhi. The event took place on the 11th of February with the honourable dignitaries from centre alongside the presence of top sporting icons. The Center for Sports Injury is the premier sports health and wellness facility that specializes in Orthopedics, Sports Surgery, Sports Medicine, Sports Imaging, Sports Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Fitness and Counseling. The initiative aims to deliver high-quality and fast bone-density scans, commonly known as DEXA scans, to diagnose bone-related health conditions or evaluate the risk of developing such problems. With its innovative machinery, FUJIFILM India endeavors to make excellent diagnostic capabilities accessible to bone densitometry practitioners nationwide.

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Bone-related health diseases such as osteoporosis are widespread in India, with estimates indicating that 61 million individuals suffer from this condition. Furthermore, the incidence of osteoporosis tends to occur 10 – 20 years earlier here, in comparison to Western countries. Tackling this, the bone densitometry scan serves as an effective tool to accurately predict the chances of fractures or abnormalities in the upcoming years. FUJIFILM India’s FDX Visionary-DR machine delivers a complete diagnostic experience with a wide range of applications and routine examinations for Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Lateral Spine, Morphometry and Whole Body. It features a breakthrough 3D-DXA technology that uses routine bone-mineral-density images to create 3D models of the femur, bringing in new information about bone structure for accurate diagnosis and adapted treatment procedures. Based on a 4-line, 64-element multi-array detector, the machine’s remarkable 2D Fan Beam is designed to provide the highest image resolution for a precise diagnosis and perform quick 15-second assessments per site, making it one of the most powerful solutions available in the market. Additionally, it offers advanced fat, muscle and lean medical parameters through its BODY COMPOSITION tool which is essential in sports medicine, weight management and medical practice fields.

“In India, the growing prevalence of bone-related health conditions highlights the urgent need for preventive measures in healthcare. As a leader in diagnostic imaging solutions, FUJIFILM India recognizes the critical role of early detection and timely intervention in mitigating the impact of bone-related diseases on patients and society as a whole. Thus, we are proud to introduce this FDX Visionary-DR machine in Delhi as it possesses the potential to revolutionize the bone health-related diagnostic imaging segment. Through breakthrough imaging technologies, strategic partnerships and awareness drives, our mission is to effectively diagnose, treat and manage bone health conditions and pave the way towards a healthier future for India” said, Mr. Chander Shekhar Sibal, Vice President & HOD, Healthcare Business, FUJIFILM India.

Osteoporosis occurs due to excessive bone loss, insufficient bone formation or a combination of both factors. Consequently, bones become weak, making them susceptible to fractures even from minor accidents or from everyday actions like sneezing or bumps in severe cases. Addressing this, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry or DEXA scans measure bone loss by utilizing a minimal dose of ionizing radiation to generate images of internal body structures such as the hip, spine and forearm. It also helps with the periodic monitoring of body fitness parameters like densitometry and body composition analysis, examining the density of peripheral central body parts as well as visceral and subcutaneous fat analysis.

Dr Pushpinder – an eminent figure with over 30 years of Experience in the field of Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement Surgery & Arthroscopic Surgery (KEYHOLE SURGERY) nationally & internationally while embracing the meaningful installation said, “The alarming estimate of millions suffering from bone-related conditions like osteoporosis highlights a pressing issue which is affecting the quality of life across the nation. Also, the fact that these critical diseases tend to occur earlier in India, necessitates urgent attention to preventive care and supporting action to improve the situation. So, we take great pride in welcoming this sophisticated DEXA machine, courtesy of FUJIFILM India, at our facility to deliver reliable diagnostic services in Delhi and help communities lead a healthier life.”

FUJIFILM India reaffirms its commitment to reshaping India’s healthcare sector with the exceptional FDX Visionary-DR machine, equipping medical professionals with future-ready diagnostic technologies to provide crucial and urgent patient care.

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