FUJIFILM India makes strong statement in healthcare Universe with the launch of Echelon Synergy at CT & MRI User Conclave

FUJIFILM India makes strong statement in healthcare Universe with the launch of Echelon Synergy at CT & MRI User Conclave

Mumbai, 15 March 2024: FUJIFILM India, the leading total healthcare imaging solutions provider, launched its newest cutting-edge Echelon Synergy MRI Machine at its CT & MRI User Conclave held at Hotel Novotel, Mumbai on 2nd and 3rd March 2024. Organized by FUJIFILM India, the CT & MRI User Conclave is an industry meet exploring the future of Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technologies, nurturing excellence in the radiology field. The latest advancement was unveiled in the presence of Mr. Chander Shekhar Sibal, Vice President and HOD, Healthcare Business, FUJIFILM India and Mr. Shunsuke Honda, Business Advisor Healthcare Business, FUJIFILM India.

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The insightful event was attended by 70+ users, including top figures in the healthcare sector from Japan and India. Among the notable dignitaries, the conclave marked the presence of Dr. Deepak P. Patkar, Director of Radiology, Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai and Past President, IRIA (Indian Radiological & Imaging Association); Dr. Krishna Mohan Pottala, Senior Radiologist and Director of Radiology, Vijaya Diagnostic, Hyderabad; Dr. Tetsuro Sekine, MD Ph.D., Associate Prof./Director, Department of Radiology, Nippon Medical School Musashikosugi Hospital; Dr. Manoj K.S, MD, DMRD, DNB, Consultant, Radio Diagnosis, KIMS Hospital, Trivandrum; and Dr. Uday Bhan Singh, Director, Noble Star Diagnostics Interventional Center, Charak CT-MRI BHU Trauma Center, IMS, Varanasi & CT scan SGPGI, Lucknow. The conclave also featured a panel discussion on “Recent Trends & Advancements in Radiology” with distinguished panelists including Dr. Sudarshan Rawat, Consultant Radiologist, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore; Dr. P. Balakrishna Shetty, Director and Chief of Radiology, ISHA Diagnostics, Bangalore and Dr. D Senthil Kumar, Director and Chief of Radiology, Crystal Scans, Pollachi.

Talking at the user conclave, Mr. Chander Shekhar Sibal, Vice-President & HOD of Healthcare Business, FUJIFILM India, said, “The user conclave is a platform where diverse thoughts merge and there is collective wisdom sharing among the leaders of healthcare. At FUJIFILM India, we understand the importance of the learning curve and are determined to add “Value from Innovation”. With MRI playing a crucial role in the detection and diagnosis of brain anomalies, its accessibility and accuracy are paramount. Thus, we are proud to introduce FUJIFILM India’s groundbreaking Echelon Synergy MRI machine to the Indian market. We aim to empower healthcare professionals across the country to deliver precise and timely diagnosis, ultimately improving the quality of care and transforming lives.”

“FUJIFILM India’s Echelon Synergy MRI machine marks a pivotal milestone in our company’s journey and represents a significant step forward in diagnostic imaging. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare technology drives us to constantly innovate and deliver solutions that revolutionize patient care. In a country like India, our high-tech MRI machine will empower healthcare providers with unprecedented clarity and precision to make informed decisions as well as improve patient outcomes,” said Mr. Shunsuke Honda, Business Advisor, Healthcare Business, FUJIFILM India.

FUJIFILM’s next generation 1.5T MRI system, Echelon Synergy, marks a significant leap forward in healthcare technology. Engineered for unparalleled performance and affordability, the system features sitting flexibility, low power consumption and ultra-fast exam times, all contributing to a remarkably low total cost of ownership.

Here is how Echelon Synergy will greatly benefit healthcare professionals and patients alike:

  •  With Echelon Synergy, Fujifilm’s Deep Learning Reconstruction (powered by Artificial Intelligence) delivers noise reduction with exceptional image quality, resulting in a 50 percent scan time reduction compared to previous-generation MRI systems.
  •  The machine’s 70 cm wide bore and 62 cm wide table along with the addition of Blanket RF Technology (featuring multi-channel RF technology and Flex Fit coil technology) ensure optimal image quality, seamless workflow, and enhanced patient comfort, revolutionizing the imaging experience for both patients and clinicians.
  • The Echelon Synergy sets a new standard for imaging homogeneity with HOAST (Higher Order Active Shimming Technology) to facilitate impeccable RF fat saturation and superior large FOV fat suppression in all planes.
  •  Its industry-leading RADAR (RADial Acquisition Regime) motion compensation technology enables motion-suppressed images without sedation or excessive patient restraint, applicable to all coils, anatomy and slice planes.
  • The system’s accelerated imaging capabilities, such as IP-RAPID (IterativeRAPID), deliver the fastest visual acquisition across various anatomical regions, including body, neuro and orthopedic scans.
  • Completing the package is SoftSoundTM scan sequences which ensures quiet scanning, dramatically reducing the audible noise of MR scans and enhancing patient comfort.

FUJIFILM India reaffirms its commitment to making advanced healthcare solutions accessible to all with the introduction of the latest breakthroughs in diagnostic imaging. The company’s CT & MRI User Conclave is an extension of the same, advancing the dialogue to transform the medical imaging segment.

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