Growing Infertility problems among women need to tackle with medical science – Dr. Tushar Plave

Growing Infertility problems among women need to tackle with medical science – Dr. Tushar Plave

Mumbai- Every woman aspires to be a mother as motherhood makes her feel complete as a woman and as a human being. It is also the strongest instinct for a woman to produce and nurture her own child. However, over the years, many women have reported to be facing various infertility issues leading to an inability to bear a child. It adversely impacts the woman’s psyche and the family’s emotional as well as social well-being. Infertility in women has become a serious issue today impacting our society at large. Women facing infertility issues need expert advice, treatment from an experienced doctor, and most importantly, emotional support in front of a morale booster.

Dr. Tushar Palve

“There’s been significant advancement in medical science, and we are confident to treat infertility in women with a great success rate. We’ve made it our mission to help the underprivileged women who need a treatment for infertility. We strive to change their lives by offering expert medical advice, treatment, and care. Infertility treatments are no longer limited to the rich alone and every woman can benefit from it,” says Dr Tushar Palve, Obstetrician & gynecologist & Medical Superintendent of Cama and Albless Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr. Tushar Palve, the first male Medical Superintendent of Cama Hospital who personally sees hundreds of female patients at the OPD every day, outlines the causes behind infertility in women. “Infertility is a complex and emotionally challenging issue that affects millions of couples worldwide. While both men and women can face fertility challenges, we are focused on infertility in women, its causes, diagnosis, and treatment options,” added by Dr Tushar Palve

Some of the key issues in female infertility involve Ovulatory Disorders, Fallopian Tube issues, Endometriosis, Uterine problems, Age, and various Lifestyle factors.

At the Cama Hospital, the diagnosis of female infertility typically begins with a comprehensive medical history and physical examination. It involves the following:

1. Ovulation Testing – To check if the ovaries release eggs regularly.

2. Hormone Testing – To evaluate hormone levels, which can indicate ovulatory problems or hormonal imbalances.

3 Hysterosalpingography – An X-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes to detect structural abnormalities.

4. Ultrasound – To examine the ovaries and uterus for any physical issues.

5. Laparoscopy – A minimally invasive surgery to inspect the pelvic organs for conditions like endometriosis.

Under Dr. Tushar’s supervision, various treatment options for Female infertility are available at the Cama Hospital. They include:

1. Fertility Medications – These can stimulate ovulation in cases of ovulatory disorders.

2. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) – Sperm is directly placed into the uterus during ovulation to improve the chances of fertilization.

3. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – This involves combining eggs and sperm outside the body and then transferring the embryos to the uterus.

4. Donor Eggs or Surrogacy – In cases where the woman’s eggs are not viable, donor eggs or surrogacy may be considered.

“Infertility is a deeply personal and often emotionally taxing journey for many couples. It’s essential to consult with a reproductive specialist to determine the cause of infertility and explore the most appropriate treatment options. With the right medical care and support, many couples can overcome female infertility and fulfill their dream of starting a family. We, at the Cama & Albless Hospital, offer just that to everyone who needs it. We strive to make a difference, “says Dr. Tushar Palve.

If you know someone who you think needs an infertility treatment, please guide them to the Cama Hospital in Mumbai. Dr. Tushar T. Palve and his team will be happy to help.

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