Happiest Health to Host Future of Medicine Summit

Happiest Health to Host Future of Medicine Summit

Bengaluru, March 2023: Health and wellness knowledge enterprise, by Ashok Soota, Chairman, of Happiest Health, is excited to announce our flagship summit, Future Of Medicine, on the 9th of March 2023 in Bangalore. The futuristic summit will focus on discussing innovative technologies that are transforming the future of medicine. The venue is Taj M.G. Road, Bangalore.

The Summit offers insights from research experts and thought leaders on four fundamental pillars shaping the Future of Medicine:

Gut Microbiome

Prof Arjan Narbad, Group Leader at Quadram Institute Bioscience , Norwich, UK. Human Gut Microbiome As A Source Of Novel Medicines.

Dr Yogesh Shouche, Professor, School of Arts & Sciences, Azim Premji University, Bangalore. Human Microbiome: A Global Snapshot Of Variation In Health And Disease.

Technology & Bioinformatics

Dr Paul Salins, MD, Narayana Hrudayalaya Multispecialty Hospital & Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation. How Technology And AI Are Shaping The Future Of Medicine

Stem Cell Research

Dr Jyoti Nangalia, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, UK. Understanding Ageing In Blood.


Prof Sanjeev Jain, Principal Investigator, SKAN projects@ NIMHANS. Next-Gen Sequencing To Next-Gen Psychiatry:

Molecular Biology From The Bedside & Bench

Additionally, there will also be a fireside chat and a panel discussion on the usage of AI and medical devices for Smart Healthcare. With around 250 expected attendees and a vast audience reach, the event will serve as a platform for industry professionals to communicate and network around the latest trends in healthcare, allowing for the exchange of ideas and thoughts that will define the medical landscape in the years ahead.

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