Incidence of Breast cancer on the rise at a much younger age of thirty years

Incidence of Breast cancer on the rise at a much younger age of thirty years

Incidence of Breast cancer on the rise at a much younger age of thirty years

Tollywood Diva & Chief Guest Ms Priyamani; Dr P. Vijay Anand Reddy (center), Director, Apollo Cancer Institutes, Hyderabad; with the cancer survivors, at the Breast Cancer Awareness Program organized by Apollo Cancer Institutes, Hyderabad; as part of the International Breast Cancer Awareness month October – 2022; at Apollo Cancer Institutes, Jubilee Hills.

Hyderabad, October 2022: Apollo Cancer Institutes, Hyderabad; hosted an awareness campaign against the most dreaded cancer afflicting women in India, Breast Cancer, as part of the International Breast Cancer Awareness month – October, 2022; at Apollo Cancer Institutes, Jubilee Hills, today. Tollywood Diva & Chief Guest Ms Priyamani; launched the breast cancer screening initiative and gave necessary impetus for the mass awareness about the disease, impacting more and more women in urban India. Dr P. Vijay Anand Reddy, Director, Apollo Cancer Institutes; Dr Ramu Damuluri, Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Institutes; Dr K. Shilpa Reddy, Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Institutes and the rest of the oncology team of Apollo Cancer Institutes, graced the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion Ms Priyamani said, though I came on the invite of Dr Vijay Anand Reddy to this program which commemorates the International Breast Cancer Awareness month, but after seeing all the cancer survivors I got immense strength, you are an inspiration for all of us. You are in the safest hands, after god the next thing they say is the doctors, god can guide you in the right way, but doctors will handhold and take you on the right direction. Building awareness about breast cancer or any cancer is critical, early detection of cancer is very important. Don’t take your health lightly, in case you find any variations in your body and health go to your nearest doctor and get checked. Once in a year get a whole body check-up done and help nip any disease in bud stage. Please don’t be afraid, you are in safe hands. Hats off to all the warriors who survived cancer and you are an inspiration to all of us.

The changing lifestyles, especially of urban women is leading to alarming rise in the incidence of Breast Cancer In India, with one in every 8 women being impacted. The most distressing part is the drastic shift, with the disease manifesting at a much younger age of 30 years, instead of the earlier 50 years and above, says Dr Vijay Anand Reddy. Ms Priyamani has been a supporter of Cure Foundation, she was present to support us at the first event we did way back fourteen years ago. Women are an important part of society and family. Most of the cancers in women are highly curable, compared to cancers in men, because women are indispensable and the world and family can’t run without them. The women are completely dedicated to their families, unless they themselves are healthy, the family can’t be healthy and happy. So you need to take good care of yourself, understand what’s going wrong with your body and get check ups done frequently. If you do good the family will do good.

According to the National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research, Registry Program report, in 2020, more than two lakh women were estimated to have been diagnosed with breast cancer and it reported an estimated 76,000 deaths, in India. The Report estimates the rise in incidence to more than 2.3 lakh cases by 2025. The Indian mortality rate of 37.2 per cent from breast cancer in 2020, was way higher than the Asian rate of 34 per cent and the global average of 30 per cent. As per the date revealed in Lok Sabha in July, 2022, the estimated breast cancer cases per 1 lakh women in 2020 in Telangana was 40.2, way above the Indian average of 31.3. Telangana is ranked fifth after Kerala, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, among the states with incidence of breast cancers.

Breast Cancer has two types of risk factors, the non-modifiable risk factors of age, gender, genetic factors and family history of cancer. The risk factors which can be modified with lifestyle changes are Obesity, Pregnancy, Lactation and avoiding alcohol consumption. Early detection is critical in treating breast cancer. The disease can be identified by performing Breast self-examination every month immediately a week after the menses ceases, from the age of 30 years. A Clinical breast examination once in a year or 3 years by an oncologist or a physician and screening with a mammogram from the age of 40 years, helps in early detection.

The treatment modalities for breast cancer, including risk assessment, prevention, surgery, radiation and other treatments, have advanced significantly in the recent years. This is enhancing survival, especially among cases of early detection.

Prevention and early detection are the corner stones to lead a quality life and survive from breast cancer. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, making nutritious food, regular exercise and preventive medical checks after a certain age, a part of our life keeps breast cancer at bay, says Dr Vijay Anand Reddy.

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