Life Transformed: 73-Year-Old Defies Age and Cancer Through CRS HIPEC Surgery

Life Transformed: 73-Year-Old Defies Age and Cancer Through CRS HIPEC Surgery

Successful Cancer Treatment at Narayana Health City, Bangalore saves life of Dhansukhbhai Jani from Gujarat

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Bangalore, 15th Dec 2023: In an inspiring medical breakthrough, 73-year-old- Dhansukh Jani from Junagad, Gujarat, defied the odds by regaining his life through a successful medical procedure at Narayana Health City, Bangalore. Diagnosed with Appendicular Cancer eight years ago, which had progressed to Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (Cancer accumulating as mucus inside the abdomen), Mr. Dhansukh’s life had become a daily battle with severe abdominal enlargement, making even the most basic activities impossible.

Mrs. Bina Jani, his wife, recalls the years of pain and suffering, with her husband spending up to 12 hours a day in the washroom, desperately seeking relief. They had consulted numerous doctors from both conventional and alternative medicine, but nothing seemed to alleviate his agony.

Their hope was restored when their son’s job placement brought them to Bangalore in July 2022. Seeking relief, they turned to Narayana Health City, where they met Dr. Pragnya Coca, Consultant Medical Oncologist, who then referred them to Dr. Sushruth Shetty who is a Consultant Gastro Onco surgeon at Narayana Health City, Bangalore.

Dr. Sushruth Shetty and his highly skilled team conducted a ten-hour long surgery called CRS HIPEC, during which they removed all abdominal tumors and administered heated chemotherapy directly to target the cancer cells.

Explaining the case Dr. Shetty said, “After successful CRS HIPEC surgery, Mr. Dhansukh Jani is living a near-normal life. He (Jani) fought bravely at the age of 73 to come out of being home-bound to enjoying family dinners outside. Advanced Appendicular Cancers are rare but cause significant morbidity and mortality. CRS HIPEC surgery has shown good results in appendicular cancers and other selected abdominal cancers.”

Despite his advanced age, Mr. Dhansukh made a remarkable post-operative recovery, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the anesthesia and intensive care teams. The surgery was led by Dr. Sushruth Shetty and supported by Dr. Rohit Ranade, Gynaec Oncologist at Narayana Healthcity, Bangalore along with their respective teams.

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