Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai Appoints New Dynamic Board Of Trustees

Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai Appoints New Dynamic Board Of Trustees

Mumbai: Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai is a Hospital run by a public charitable Trust which was formed in the year 1978 by Kirtilal Manilal Mehta. The appointment of a new Board of Trustees marks a significant milestone in the journey of Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai towards providing affordable healthcare of international standards. Following the Assistant Charity Commissioner’s decision to terminate the trusteeship of purported trustees on December 14, 2023, which was later upheld by the Supreme Court. Now, a new board, led by Shri. Kishor Mehta and Smt. Charu Mehta – Founders and Permanent Trustees for Life, has ensured high healthcare standards leading to a new beginning with dynamic & skilled leaders.

The new board at Lilavati Hospital in Bandra, Mumbai is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare services to everyone. They are focused on improving patient care through innovation and excellence. The board is committed to ethical practices and enhancing medical facilities. They plan to serve communities in India through charitable projects to improve public health.

The newly appointed Board of Trustees is composed of Shri Kishor Mehta and Smt. Charu Mehta as Founder Permanent Trustees for Life, alongside Shri Rajiv K. Mehta, Shri Rajesh K. Mehta, and Shri Prashant K. Mehta as Permanent Trustees. They are joined by Shri Sanjay Shroff, Shri Kiran Shah, Shri Tatyaba Palve, Shri Rakesh Khanna, Shri Mohit Mathur, and Shri Saurav Sharma. The Board brings together a wealth of experience and expertise from various backgrounds.

Shri Rajiv K. Mehta, Permanent Trustee at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai expresses his dedication to transforming the healthcare sector in Mumbai by investing in cutting-edge technologies and medical advancements. He said “Hospital will stand up to its motto More than health care, Human care. We aim to reach out community at large by partnering with organizations and social welfare groups to enhance charitable efforts. To enhance healthcare access for all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic background, through charitable activities we plan to do free regular health check-up camps.”

Shri Prashant K. Mehta, Permanent Trustee at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, said “We are committed to driving healthcare forward with ground-breaking initiatives. By getting international expertise in various fields and robotic technology, we are dedicated to creating a system that prioritizes patient well-being and satisfaction above all else.”

Shri. Rajesh K. Mehta, Permanent Trustee at Lilavati Hospital, emphasized the importance of providing patients with affordable healthcare that utilizes innovative technology and incorporates the latest global best practices to ensure quick recovery from their illnesses.

As the Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre embarks on this new chapter under the leadership of the reconstituted Board of Trustees, stakeholders can expect an unwavering commitment to providing world-class healthcare services with compassion and integrity. The collective vision and expertise of the new board members promise a positive impact on both patient outcomes and community well-being, reinforcing Lilavati Hospital’s position as a leading healthcare provider in the region.

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