Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurugram raises awareness about Cancer Prevention on World Cancer Day

Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurugram raises awareness about Cancer Prevention on World Cancer Day

Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurugram raises awareness about Cancer Prevention on World Cancer Day

Gurugram: On the occasion of World Cancer Day, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurugram in association with DLF Artisanal Market had organized cancer prevention awareness for the public.The entire Horizon Center was lit up in purple, which is the symbolic color for cancer prevention.

The event was organized in an endeavor to embrace the spirit of the cancer survivors and also to raise support for the ones currently battling cancer, focusing on cancer prevention awareness through counselling desks, health assessment vouchers, symptoms specific communication that public shouldn’t ignore. Various cancer survivors also exhibited their digital Art.

Various doctors, management and staff from Max Hospital were also present on the occasion along with Puneeta Chadha Khanna and Muckth Dogra.

The DLF Artisanal Market has been curated and conceptualised by Puneeta Chadha Khanna in partnership with DLF. It is a place where the community can come together under the open sky while they reconnected to their food and people who make and grow it.

Puneeta explained the idea behind the market, she said “We believe that natural, preservative and pesticide free food should be the natural choice not an exception and there is a need to increase the numbers of people who value artisanal, small batch, preservative free food. So, DLF decided to partner to create an ambience which draws in people to relax, spend family time, catch up with friends and while they are there, start converting to buying natural and healthy.

Puneeta Chadha Khanna being a cancer survivor herself, says “Early detection goes a long way in allowing the survivor to live a long and healthy life. Almost two-thirds of cancers could be detected early by following a simple, doable set of rules. When the cure rates are upwards of 90%. The market is the perfect place to host an event emphasizing the importance of cancer screening as it focuses on nutrition rich and chemical-free foods which help prevent cancer.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Harit Chaturvedi- Chairman, Max Institute of Cancer Care said, “As cancer has gained significant prevalence in recent times, it has become essential to raise awareness about the preventative methods of the same. By maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle and avoiding exposure to known cancer-causing substances along with taking some precautionary steps, it is possible to prevent cancer. However, if one gets diagnosed with cancer in the early stages, the possibility of cure increases given the recent advancements in technology and treatment modalities.”

As per the recent Globocan 2020 data, the number of cancer cases reported in the country were above 13 lakh particularly due to lack of awareness about the advanced treatment modalities available.

Gracing the occasion, Arpita Mukherjee, Senior Vice President and Unit Head, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Gurugram said, “There has been a sharp increase in the number of cancer cases in the country but the awareness level is still very low in the majority of population. There is a need to to step-up and raise awareness about cancer through such events. Patients battling with cancer will be able to seek motivation from our cancer survivors through such campaigns, we will be doing multiple screening camps and health talks by our experts throughout the year and we are delighted to be able to organise it in partnership with DLF Artisanal Market”.

On supporting the initiative, Ms. Pushpa Bector, Executive Director, DLF Retail said, “With an aim to raise awareness about cancer prevention and embrace the spirit of cancer survivors, DLF Artisanal Market and Max Super Specialty Hospital have partnered together to host an exhibition showcasing the Digital Art by Cancer Survivors. This initiative reflects our commitment to bring a positive impact towards ahealthier future.”

As one of the leading healthcare providers in the country with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, Max Super Speciality Hospital Gurgaon, aims to make the importance of early detection of cancer and awareness louder through this campaign, and many such events in the future.

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