Myths About Glaucoma

Myths About Glaucoma

By – Dr Avijit Paul, Consultant, Disha Eye Hospitals

In glaucoma there is irreversible structural and functional damage of the optic nerve. It has been called silent thief of vision as in mild to moderate stage patients remain asymptomatic. At this stage some patients become skeptical as there are no symptoms and ignore treatment and later present with advanced damage which is untreatable.

Family history is an important factor. Because of lack of awareness many family members remain casual and don’t go for eye examination. It is always better to diagnose and treat the same early to prevent irreversible loss.

After starting treatment some patients discontinue it and don’t come for follow-up because of lack of awareness, financial problems and drug side effects which may lead to permanent loss of vision. So patients should do regular follow-up to detect any progression with existing treatment. In progression more aggressive treatments are required and sometimes surgeries should be considered.

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