NCR-Based Couple Overcomes Unique Case of Male Infertility To Have A Child

NCR-Based Couple Overcomes Unique Case of Male Infertility To Have A Child

Noida, 13 October 2023: A Delhi NCR-based couple facing a challenge with male infertility welcomed a healthy child with the help of advanced assisted reproductive technology (ART). Kapil, 34, and Rohini, 33 (names changed) approached Indira IVF Hospital where they were treated for the former’s case of 100% immotile sperms, a condition known as complete asthenozoospermia, reported in 1 in 5000 men.

The couple approached one of the NCR-based Indira IVF hospitals when they were unable to conceive after five years of marriage, presenting a case of primary infertility. Upon the couple’s diagnosis, it was found that Kapil has complete asthenozoospermia, that is, all sperms in his ejaculate lack the ability to move; this was attributed to a childhood history of genital surgery, likely related to undescended testes. In such cases, the sperm is unable to make the journey in the female’s uterus to fertilize an egg naturally, and ART remains the only solution for a pregnancy.

Speaking about the case, Dr Megha Jindal from Indira IVF Kaushambi said, “Complete asthenozoospermia or 100% immotile sperm refers to a condition where all the sperms in a semen sample are completely unable to move or swim. For a man to be fertile, he needs a motility of at least 42%. In this case, we conducted a Hypo-Osmotic Swelling (HOS) test that indicated that the husband’s immotile sperms were still viable for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) since the genetic makeup of the cells was appropriate.”

The ART cycle resulted in two high-quality grade-A blastocysts. The embryo transfer procedure implanted the blastocysts in Rohini’s uterus, leading to a pregnancy confirmed by a beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (bHCG) test. The couple brought a healthy child into the world, fulfilling their dream of parenthood after numerous challenges in the past.

Addressing their condition, the couple shared their experience, “We had been blissfully married for five years and decided to have a baby after two years of our marriage, but to no avail. Family pressure was increasing by the day and desperation had started to kick in. A stressful search for a doctor ensued that led us to Indira IVF Kaushambi where Dr Megha became our friend, philosopher, guardian, and guide for the next few months. The treatment can be very stressful at times but we were confident of a favourable outcome, and we are ecstatic that we got one.”

Dr Jindal further added, “Despite the challenges posed by Kapil’s condition and history of childhood genital surgery, our team worked collaboratively and diligently to develop a customized solution. We believe in overcoming odds, and this successful journey is a testament to making the otherwise impossible, possible.”

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