New data reveals America’s biggest body insecurities – and stomach fat is the main concern

New data reveals America’s biggest body insecurities – and stomach fat is the main concern

New data reveals America’s biggest body insecurities – and stomach fat is the main concern

A new analysis of Google searches around weight loss aspirations has revealed which body part people hope to shred fat from the most – and it turns out flat stomachs are the goal.

The research, pulled together by fitness experts Lift Vault, collated Google search volume for over 300 keywords related to weight-loss suggestions and muscle group-specific workouts, spanning the past three years, to determine the areas Americans were most keen to slim down.

And it turns out six-packs aren’t going out of style anytime soon, as tips and advice around losing stomach fat is by far the most searched-for aspiration.

The average monthly search volume is over 290,000 (87 per 100k), meaning well over half of searches related to fat loss (58%) are focused on belly fat.

Some states are chasing their six-pack dreams more than others, the data shows. New York is especially keen, with more searches than anywhere else at 101 per 100k – increasing by over a fifth (16%) from the national average of 87. In contrast, it isn’t a priority in Idaho, with only 59 searches per 100k.

Following the stomach as the second area people most want to lose weight in is – surprisingly – the face, with an average monthly search volume of over 85,000 (25 per 100k).

California takes the lead this time as the state which expresses the most interest in having defined facial features, with 39 searches per 100k – increasing by 56% from the US average.

Americans are keen to lose arm fat too, which is the third biggest weight loss aspiration with nearly 40,000 monthly searches (11 per 100k).

On the other end of the spectrum, however, ankles are of the least concern, with just 250 average monthly searches – only making up a minute 0.05% of the total searches.

It seems that quite a few people are also looking to lose weight in more than one area, with general searches around weight loss exceeding all of the specific areas with a huge 801,760 average monthly searches – equivalent to 240 per 100k.

The 5 biggest weight loss aspirations in the US

The 5 biggest weight loss aspirations in the US

As well as revealing the most searched-for weight loss goals, the study also analyzed searches around exercise aspirations, to reveal the muscle groups people hope to improve with their workouts.

And – given the focus on losing stomach fat – it’s no surprise that searches for ab exercises accounted for more than 1 in 10 exercise-related searches (15%), with an average of almost 473,000.

Following abs as the second most-targeted muscle group is the chest, with the average monthly searches nearing 400,000 (118 per 100k), while triceps are the third biggest exercise aspiration on over 75,000 (111 per 100k) monthly searches.

The 10 biggest exercise aspirations in the US




Monthly Google Searches

Searches per 100k


Abs Exercise




Chest Exercise




Triceps Exercise




Arm Exercise




Biceps Exercise




Shoulder Exercise




Core Exercise




Lower Back Exercise




Forearm Exercise




Traps Exercise



Commenting on the findings, a Lift Vault spokesperson says: “Having a clear goal in mind for what you hope to gain from your workouts can massively help with motivation – but, it’s important to make sure that your aspirations are realistic, otherwise you may get disheartened.

“Whether it’s a toned stomach or bigger glutes you want, once you commit to this being your end goal, it’s immediately easier to commit to and refine your training. Make sure to track your progress so that you can celebrate your wins and identify any areas that you can improve.

“And if you’re still struggling with motivation, searching up new workout inspo is a great way to cure the boredom that can come with sticking to the same routine day in day out. Sometimes all you need is a bit of variation and you’re ready to go again.”

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