Partial Knee Replacement surgery: A remarkable smooth journey of an 84-year-old patient

Partial Knee Replacement surgery: A remarkable smooth journey of an 84-year-old patient

The surgeons at Amicare Hospital situated in Ghaziabad performed a remarkable knee replacement surgery on 84-year-old patient Mr Balwant Singh Rawat. The patient was experiencing constant knee pain for a long time and consulted many hospitals for treatment. Fortunately, the patient got referred to Amicare Hospital, and a panel of expert physicians and cardiologists reviewed numerous data and determined that the patient did not require a total knee replacement and instead a partial knee replacement will help him to recover from his discomfort.

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Dr Himanshu Gupta MS. MCh Orth, a Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy, and Sports Injury Specialist, suggested UKR an partial knee replacement operation, which removes the femur (knee cap) and replaces it with artificial implants that suffered damage due to the patient’s age. Mr Rawat had already been identified with diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Parkinson’s, so the treatment had to be specific to his health conditions. The team performed CT scans on the patient to determine how much alteration is required, and the procedure went exceptionally well.

The surgery was successfully performed on 31st March 2023, and recovery was instant as Mr Rawat got back on his feet the next day of the procedure and was discharged on the third day. Dr Himanshu Gupta stated, “We are pleased with the successful outcome of the surgery, and the patient is now relieved of his constant knee pain.” Our team had done an exceptional job, and the procedure was confined to less pain and scarring. We made very small changes to the tissues and muscles, which minimizes blood loss and speeds up recovery.”

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