Phlebotomists are The True Health Champions, Enabling Health For All

Phlebotomists are The True Health Champions, Enabling Health For All

On World Health Day Redcliffe Labs recognizes phlebotomists as Health Champions and pays tribute to their service on the frontline



New Delhi : On the occasion of World Health Day, Redcliffe Labs recognized the contribution of frontline workers, especially phlebotomists, who are an essential part of the healthcare system by conferring them with the Title of “Health Champions”. Phlebotomists play a critical role in enabling diagnoses by collecting blood samples from patients for holistic health analysis, which is a crucial step in identifying and treating illnesses and ensuring wellness.

Despite their crucial role in ensuring patients receive the care they need, their contribution often goes unnoticed. Every day, they face unique challenges like exposure to risky pathogens, adverse weather conditions, and a lot more. Despite these obstacles, they remain dedicated to providing the best possible care to their patients, working tirelessly day & night.

Redcliffe Labs has taken up the initiative to recognize the critical role of phlebotomists in the healthcare system and celebrate World Health Day as a means of honoring their work. Launched in 2018, Redcliffe Labs has served millions of Indian citizens in a short span of 5 years. The company is unstoppably progressive in providing quality healthcare for all, which is both accessible and affordable. They work under a vision of Empowering Health; Impacting Lives for a Healthier Bharat.

Commenting on this unique initiative Dheeraj Jain, Founder, Redcliffe Labs said “Health For All, wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of our frontline warriors.” He added the consistent efforts of frontline healthcare warriors- phlebotomists, the real Health Champions, are the backbone of the diagnostic industry, making healthcare possible for all.

“The Health Champions are the ones who made it possible to launch a new era of diagnostics that is possible from the comfort of our homes. Today, in India, we could manage fatal chronic conditions well because of these frontline warriors who were always on duty, not worrying about their families or their health, but were always on wheels, Serving Health for a Healthier Bharat.” He added

However, the relevance of phlebotomists did not end with the control of Covid-19, but it let us discover new comfort and accessibility. For example, if the children live away from their parents, and old parents cannot go to the lab for health tests, they can book tests online through the app, and the Health Champions can go collect the samples from their homes & the reports are sent online.

Limited access to diagnostic centres, high costs, long wait times, and extended turnaround periods are some of the significant reasons for neglecting healthcare in both rural and urban areas of India. However, with the convenience of collecting samples from home, people are now prioritising wellness by undergoing periodic preventive health checkups.

Going ahead with this thought, “diagnosis should be the first step towards preventive healthcare,” Redcliffe started opening their labs majorly in tier 3 cities to eradicate affordability and accessibility issues on priority. Currently, they are also expanding in tier 4 and tier 5 cities, and with a fleet of over 1000+ phlebotomists, it is possible to serve high-end diagnostic services across the country.

Redcliffe Labs calls these frontline warriors as Health Champions, as without their contribution Health For All would not have been possible.

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