Rapido offers free eye check-ups for its 3 lakhs+ registered Captains in Chennai

Rapido offers free eye check-ups for its 3 lakhs+ registered Captains in Chennai

Chennai, 08 February 2024: Rapido, a leading aggregator platform which provides bike taxi, auto, and cab services has announced the launch of “Drive Safe India” campaign partnering with Shell Fleet Solutions to promote road safety by ensuring good eye care of its captains. As part of the campaign, Rapido is offering free eye-check-ups and free spectacles to its 3 lakhs + registered bike taxi, auto and cab captains operating at its city office in Guindy, Chennai.

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So far, Rapido is expecting around 45,000+ captains to register for this one month-long campaign that was launched on 19th January 2024. By partaking in these eye examinations, Rapido captains can proactively identify potential vision impairments, paving the way for timely intervention. Good eye health is essential for driving, especially for reading road signs accurately. By providing free eye check-ups, Rapido ensures that its captains can address any underlying vision issues that may hinder them from safe driving practices.

Speaking about the initiative, Pavan Guntupalli, co-founder of Rapido said ‘At Rapido, we prioritise the safety and well-being of our captains and riders. Captains with poor vision may fail to comply with the traffic regulations. To avoid any such scenarios and keeping in mind the safety of our Rapido captains, passengers, and other commuters on the road, we are organising this campaign to provide free eye-check ups and free spectacles. This initiative will help to reduce the risk of accidents that stems from visual impairments and provide a safe riding experience for both the passengers and captains throughout the journey.”

Recognising the pivotal role captains play in the success of Rapido, the company has undertaken this comprehensive healthcare campaign in Chennai to ensure the overall wellness. The campaign aligns with Rapido’s commitment to fostering a culture of care and responsibility towards its captains. By offering free eye check-ups, the company aims to proactively address any vision-related issues that captains may face.

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