Six safest position to hold a new born baby

Six safest position to hold a new born baby

 By Dr.N.Senthil Kumar, MPT PhD
Mr. Srikanth. V MPT (Student)

Saveetha college of Physiotherapy, SIMATS, Thandalam, Chennai.

1. Cradle hold:

Baby parallel to your chest level, slide your hand from baby bottom up to support the head and neck. Kindly place your baby’s head into the crook of your elbow. Now move your hand from the neck to the bottom and hips.
Bring your baby close to you.

 2. Shoulder hold:

  •   This is one of the most natural holds for your new born. Here is how you should do it:
    With the baby’s body parallel to yours, lift her to your shoulder height. Rest her head on your shoulder so that she can look behind you. Support her head and neck with one hand, and the bottom with another hand. This position allows your baby to hear your heartbeat.

 3. Belly hold:

  •   Your baby will surely enjoy this baby hold. Here is how to handle the new born:
    Lay your baby with stomach facing down on one of your forearms with head up over the elbow. Let her feet
    land on either side of your hand, at an angle closer to the ground level. Lay your other hand across the baby’s back to make her feel secure. This baby positioning technique can be helpful for burping. Gently stroke the baby’s back to help release any trapped gas.

4. Hip hold:

  •  You can hold your baby’s hips once she gains complete control over her head and neck. So, try this position when your baby crosses three months. Here is how you can do this: Face your baby outward and make her sit on your hip bones. You should wrap your arm around her waist. Your baby will be able to
    look at things around her comfortably.

 5. Face to face hold:

  • This hold will let you interact with your baby. Here is how you can try the hold perfectly: Support your baby’s head and neck with one hand. Offer support to her bottom with another hand. Now hold the baby just below the chest facing you. Enjoy making her smile and have fun interacting with her.

 6. Football hold:

  •  This hold also serves as a feeding position; you can use it while standing or sitting. Here is how you should do it: Support your baby’s neck and head with your hand, and the rest of her back with your same forearm. Adjust the baby’s head and neck with the other hand. Make the baby curl towards your body side, with her legs extended behind. Draw your little one closer to your chest. Use the other free hand for offering extra support to the head or feed the baby.

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