Solis Health launches its first Cancer Support Centre in Bengaluru

Solis Health launches its first Cancer Support Centre in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, February 2023: Solis Health has inaugurated its first Cancer Support Centre in Brunton Road, near MG Road in Bengaluru. The Solis Health Cancer Support Centre, the first of its kind in India, offers comprehensive and empathetic support for anyone touched by cancer, including:

● Emotional Support such as individual counselling and support groups, to help patients and caregivers cope with their stress

● Social Support so that people can find the comfort of community through interactive workshops and a community library and lounge

● Practical Support including diet and nutrition counselling, yoga, meditation and wellness sessions and help with managing the financial aspects of care

Solis Health is part of the international network of Maggie’s, a UK-based organization recognized as the global leader in the cancer support space, with over 30 centres in the UK and overseas. As their exclusive knowledge partner for India, Solis Health benefits from Maggie’s 25 years of experience providing cancer support and brings an evidence-based framework for care delivery to India for the very first time. This partnership is part of Solis Health’s mission to design and deliver comprehensive, impactful and person-centric healthcare solutions in India and beyond.

Solis Health has also unveiled OncoLife, its comprehensive offering to help patients and families access the best clinical advice and care, have virtual consultations with expert doctors at trusted global Centres of Excellence and avail benefits such as fast discharge, all at their fingertips. Members of the Solis OncoLife plan can access preferential rates for their treatment at over 7600 hospitals across 3000 cities and towns in India, which results in large savings on their out-of-pocket expenses.

Bhairavi Madhusudhan Shibulal

Bhairavi Madhusudhan Shibulal, Founder and Director of Solis Health said “Caring for my mother after her cancer diagnosis opened my eyes to the gaps that exist in the healthcare ecosystem and the realities of what patients and caregivers go through when dealing with chronic illness. I founded Solis Health to address these gaps. We are pleased to open our first Cancer Support Centre in Bengaluru and proud to be a part of the Maggie’s international network – this association will help us leverage their vast knowledge and expertise as we bring comprehensive and evidence-based cancer support services to India for the first time. Our goal is to empower patients and caregivers with the right information and support so that they can be active participants in their care plan. I am also delighted to unveil OncoLife by Solis Health – through this program, we aim to democratize access to cancer care and treatment by ensuring it is more affordable. Members can also access second opinions and virtual consultations from expert clinicians in India and overseas.”

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