Sukino Healthcare Solutions Secures NABH Certification for Continuum Care Centre

Sukino Healthcare Solutions Secures NABH Certification for Continuum Care Centre

National, 12th March 2024Sukino Healthcare Solutions, a leading continuum care provider, has attained the NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) certification for one of its continuum care centres. The accreditation is in recognition of Sukino’s patient-centric model.

Sukino Healthcare Solutions

The achievement of this prestigious accreditation highlights Sukino’s goal of maintaining the highest standards of care delivery, adhering to stringent compliances, and ensuring exceptional quality in healthcare services.

Rajinish Menon, CEO & Founder, Sukino Healthcare Solutions, said, “Accreditation from NABH is a crucial validation of the excellence of our services. It’s like a badge that says that we follow the best standards and that we are transparent and accountable to these. When organisations such as ours get recognised internationally, we are able to strengthen the city healthcare ecosystem and secure the trust of the community.”

Sukino Healthcare Solutions has consistently prioritised patient well-being and safety. The NABH accreditation, that comes for Sukino’s continuum care center in Whitefield, Bangalore, reinforces the organisation’s emphasis on quality management systems, infection control practices, patient rights, and overall clinical governance.

“Post NABH accreditation, patients are the ultimate beneficiaries, experiencing heightened care quality, and safety, which perfectly aligns with the Sukino model of care delivery. Looking forward, we aim to equip our continuum care centres with more facilities and personnel. By focusing on patient satisfaction, we intend to enhance the overall healthcare experience,” added Rajinish Menon.

Sukino Healthcare, with nine continuum care centres, has been revolutionising post-hospital care in Bengaluru, Trivandrum, and Kochi. Its cutting-edge tech and standard care offer 24/7 support, private rooms, and medical services. Skilled nurses, physiotherapists, and acute care services optimise recovery; personalised support is provided in its rehab services for patients with cancer and neural disorders and dementia care for memory loss patients.

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