The Deafening Toll: Exploring the Health Effects of Noise Pollution

The Deafening Toll: Exploring the Health Effects of Noise Pollution



-Deva Narayan 

Housing in the modern era can be classified into many different types and categories, ranging from the suburbs to the high rises. Every adult always takes care of and t family’s needs when selecting a new residence, such as ease of transport to their jobs, community, etc … Business personnel, restaurant runners and other jobs that require constant maintenance and observation will always need housing near their workplaces but the same may not apply to small store owners and office workers, who only work as per their needed hours.

A factor that has been underlooked for some time, but now is gaining importance due to its effects is the noise surrounding a locality. Studies have shown that the traffic noise surrounding a locality now has, directly and indirectly, affected the health of the residents by increasing their chances of developing cardiovascular disease. Researchers have found that for every 10 decibe10-decibel in noise from the surroundings, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases by 3.2%, which is significantly impactful. It has also been found that this noise pollution is deadly at night, for it disrupts sleep patterns and quality of sleep, hence leading to an increase in blood pressure and malfunctioning hormones. These risks are, however, virtually inexistent in more rural areas or outskirts of cities, for very few vehicles go by and therefore, the choice of homestead now is dependent on the factor of noise pollution as well.

The researchers who compiled these statistics have also suggested measures to reduce noise pollution by implementing noise-reducing asphalt, which has been shown to reduce the noise caused by at 3-6 decibels. These can be paired with low-noise tires as well to greatly reduce the noise produced as well as implement speed limits. Methods to reduce the noise caused by trains and aircraft are also in development, allowing more habitation near rail tracks.

Another set of suggestions is to reduce the need for cars by promoting bicycles, carpooling, and public transport, all of which either reduce or virtually make no noise. These are economic improvements as well, for they would reduce the dependency on fuel and reduce air pollution significantly as well. All of these measures are becoming increasingly necessary as much of our environment is damaging to human health, therefore it is our duty to control as much of it as possible. Senior citizens and those gaining in age will struggle much more than the youth, therefore efforts should be made from every part of the community to ensure that neighborhoods are not plagued by such health concerns.

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